A tribute to Margaret Joan Stones (1943 - 2005)
  Margaret Joan Stones
  1943 - 2005
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Tribute placed by Megan Jenkins on 21/05/2006:
You have done your purgatory here on earth & have been such an example of hope & faith to us all.

Tribute placed by David & Lynn Stones on 21/05/2006:
Send our love and support over this time. Margaret's bubbly laugh will always stay in our memory.

Tribute placed by Pauline and Kevin on 21/05/2006:
We are so sorry to hear of your loss, thinking of you all at this sad time.

Tribute placed by Niquita and Shane on 21/05/2006:
We read your news with great sorrow for you. Margaret was a special woman.

Tribute placed by Margaret & David Stark on 21/05/2006:
We have you all in our prayers. Love & blessings.

Tribute placed by Athalie Anderson on 20/05/2006:
With my deepest sympathy "Memories are forever!"

Tribute placed by Judith & Peter Ganick and family on 20/05/2006:
Our prayers and thoughts are with you all as you face the future without Margaret.

Tribute placed by Peter and Sally Hundlby on 20/05/2006:
Rememing Margaret, May she be ever with you as a light & guide and never far away.

Tribute placed by Peter and Christine Stones and family on 20/05/2006:
Our thoughts are with you all.

Tribute placed by St Marks School on 20/05/2006:
Our thoughts, prayers and sympathy are with you all on the loss of your Mother and grandmother.

Tribute placed by Penny Sall on 20/05/2006:
Thinking of you all at this sad time. Thoughts and prayers are with you - The Sall Family

Tribute placed by Alyce Benson on 29/03/2006:
My penfriend for 20 years, shared joy and sorrows, hopes and disappointments. Sadly missed

Tribute placed by tiffany barclay on 21/02/2006:
hello nanna hope your having a nice time in heaven

Tribute placed by louise barclay on 21/02/2006:
hello nanna i hope you like my flower.

Tribute placed by Catherine Barclay on 14/02/2006:
Missing you Mum, but am happy that you are no longer held captive in your motor neurone shell.


This memorial was created by
Catherine Barclay
on 20/01/2006