A tribute to Wayne Wright (1949 - 2003)
  Wayne Wright
  1949 - 2003
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Tribute placed by Catherine Stones on 16/04/2008:
What a great composer Will be missed.

Tribute placed by Kerin Gedge on 16/08/2007:
You carried others to Heaven & you got there first - now you know it was all worth it. See you soon!

Tribute placed by Sara Thorburn on 14/08/2007:
Will always miss Wayne. He taught me so much in the 5 years I knew and worked with him.

Tribute placed by Sarah Heavey on 21/06/2007:
He will always be in our hearts.

Tribute placed by Karl Payne on 06/10/2006:
A solid man of faith, a composer for souls. Enjoy God's company. You are enduring inspiration.

Tribute placed by Alison Officer on 04/09/2006:
3yrs gone by and still loved and treasured by all who knew him.

Tribute placed by Rebekah Rasmussen on 03/09/2006:
3 yrs. Wow. I cant believe it. He was an amazing man, and his light will shine to the world 4eva

Tribute placed by Judy Attwood on 01/09/2006:
We treasure the many memories. Miss the good old days!

Tribute placed by Mike Hookey on 31/08/2006:
Without you 3 years,it seems so long. Matey good memories held close, they linger on and on.

Tribute placed by Helen Mehaffy on 31/08/2006:
There is a light that never goes out.

Tribute placed by Jo Rasmussen on 31/08/2006:
Wayne, 3 yrs and still treasured. Your light helped spark the flame for many of us, this remains.


This memorial was created by
Jo Rasmussen
on 24/02/2006