A tribute to Rene Ferguson (formerly Bennett) (1946 - 2004)
  Rene Ferguson (formerly Bennett)
  1946 - 2004
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Message from Beth Axt - Nurse training friend
I would like to pay tribute to Irene as I have always known her and Iam sad its taken this long to find out that she passed away all those years ago. I trained with Rene and we were very good friends. She was such a fun loving, loyal person and we had great times together. We holidayed, flatted, party'd and did all those things that good friends do. Sadly over the years when she married and went to live in Australia and I went to Europe on my OE we lost touch a bit but we did get together again in Germany when she was touring with her family and later in Melbourne when we returned to NZ to live. Rene wrote when she moved to America and married and also when she was diagnosed with breast cancer which I replied to but that was the last contact I had. Iam very sad to have lost such a wonderful friend and I will always treasure the memories I have of her. Rest in Peace Irene. Love Beth (Newlands)

Message from Pauline Burgwin - sister
, I miss the energy you bought to my life. The challenges and the insight. You are always close.


This memorial was created by
Pauline Burgwin
on 15/05/2006

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