A tribute to Lois Dear (1940 - 2006)
  Lois Dear
  1940 - 2006
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Message from Jarrad Mcneil - Grandson
Hi nana,10 long years have passed in which you should still be here celebrating the lives of our family.i now have 2 beautiful children Angus Patrick McNeil and ruby Lois McNeil that are 4 years old.wouldve loved for you to meet them and it still brakes my heart your not here.its hard to put it in words but your always on my mind and il be forever reminding myself and children what a beautiful nana you were.ur never forgotten and I hope you are resting in peace watching down on us.love you lots and take care up there xxxx

Message from Harley Dear - Brother
Lois, we often think about you and wish you were still among us living to share special memories.

Message from Cody McNeil - Grandson
I miss my nana. Its been years and ive never really said anything or spoken about it. I didnt spend the longest time with her but the memories I have fullfill that. I was young when she was taken from this cruel vindictive world and although I never really got to mourn when she was taken its always been there and as ive become older ive learnt more and remember some of the amazing times I had with her like being taught to swing on a swing with my cousin. Or just staying at hers. I just want to say I miss nana moon or nana lolo and I wish people wernt so stuffed up and have to cut peoples lives short because they never know who its going to affect. Cody McNeil

Message from Harley Dear - brother
Lois you are still fresh in our memories and miss your presence. Your brother Harley

Message from Harley Dear - brother
Lois you are still fresh in our memories and miss your presence. Your brother Harley

Message from Jan Armstrong - Daughter

Mum - Thinking of you always.  Love and miss you so much.  Lot of love Jan

Message from Harley Dear - Brother
Remembering you Lois as always. Our picture together taken 1958 hangs on my bedroom wall.

Message from kevin - son
TeHiko still has 12 yrs inside mum, we can only hope he doesnt see it out for his sake, we think of you daily.

Message from Dayne Low - Fan

Hi there Lois and Whano


Hope you are all well  just want to say hello to your mum  hope u r all doing ok  now


Kia kaha


Message from Theresa Moore - Auntie
Hey Auntie Lois, its been a hard couple of weeks and we have thought of you often. Grandad has now left us to be with you & Nana and all other family and friends he lost over the years. It was really hard to let him go but he is now at peace. He had a nice send off and lived a long full life, look after him for us. Thinking of you often. Love Theresa xxxxx

Message from Jan Armstrong - Daughter
Hi Mum - Think of you everyday and talk of you heaps. Six years today! We miss you so much, we are all keeping busy and the girls growing up fast with Renee at college next year and Abby will be year 5...where has the time gone. Wish you were still here with us, but I'm sure you are looking over us. Love Jan

Message from Denise Taylor - Step-Daughter
Hey Lois! It feels like yesterday and yet a life time ago! Wish you where here to see my beautiful family growing up! I still miss you so so much and have a moment every now and again where I stop to talk to you! I hope you are enjoying all those cups of teas up there with your old friends. Love you always Denise xoxox

Message from Jan Armstrong - Daughter
Hi Mum Forever thinking of you and miss you always. Life is busy and I can always hear you saying to me 'Don't do too much'. The girls are beautiful and miss you so much and you are always spoken of in our conversations. Graeme found a pocket knife in our messy draw that you gave him that he had been looking for for ages - he has a memory as good as yours. I just wish you were still here with us. Lots of love from your daughter. P.S. - Granddad made it to 100 this year!

Message from Stevi Wilson - Was like a grandmother to me

Dear Lois,

You were like a grandmother too me. You were who my mother Le-Arna consided as her mother. You were once a pon a time my poppa Bruce Reddish's partner. I wish you hadn't been there at the time it all happened. I really wish you were still here. I really wish you could have help me through my darkest times and been the soulder for me too cry on. I love you Lois and always will. I miss you every day and want you back but i know your watching over me and looking after me. I will always remember you Lois and you will always be in my heart ! I LOVE YOU !

Message from Tam anon - NewZealander

To you Lois, and to your family and friends.

I just wanted to pass on my condolences and let you know I am very sad this happened. I hope that everyone is moving on with life alright, and that positive things are happening within your family.

There are many people who would like to take your pain away, and although nobody can, I hope that by knowing we share it, it helps in someway. Beautiful people dont deserve bad things to happen. Much love from Tauranga

Message from Harley Dear - Brother
In memory of my sister Lois who died tragically 4 years ago. You are missed by all your family Lois and especially Dad who turned 99 last month. You left behind a legacy of caring and devotion to young ones and this will always be remembered. Your brother, Harley

Message from jan - Daughther
Happy 70th Birthday Mum. I have had calls from Yoka and Jeanette today thinking of you. The girls sung you Happy Birthday before they got on the bus this morning. Think of you everyday but especially more today. Miss you heaps - my tears are for unbelievable grief and unforgettable Love. Love You Jan

Message from Jan - Daughther
Hi Mum - Thinking of you heaps - Renee is now 10yrs 4mths and terrible human acts in the media still really upset her but we are working with her. Abby gets upset because she can not remember you, as she was only 2 1/2 when you last saw her, she is now 6 1/2. She still has her stuffed toy you gave her on our last visit - Spicy!. Wish you were here with us to share you retirement years. Miss you and love you. Jan

Message from -
Allways thinking of you Mum, really don't know what else to put other than the children are older and the mut that murdered you is still alive mum, and they call that justice, no thats injustice by my way of thinking. 

Message from Dayne Low - friend

Hello there everyone  its been a while  Howard morrison has joined you so he will be singing   hope the whano are still good  theres not a day go past where we know


Hope u are all well Jan Greame  kevin and the rest off the whano

kia kaha


Message from Jan - Daughter
Hey Mum - yep three years today since your were murdered. I have only been able to use that word this year and even though it is hard to say it is the fact! I only hope where ever you are you are finally enjoying your retirement years and dancing to music and laughing with all your new friends and family members that have passed over. We miss you so much and can still not understand how one human can murder another. I believe in a life for a life - he only got 18yrs. I continue the courage you always showed in life. Love you Jan

Message from Harley Dear - Brother
On the eve of the third year since Lois' life was tragically taken from her, I would like once again to pay tribute to my sister for what she did to shape my life in my younger years and also what she meant to others. Thanks to her, I have a passion for playing music which she encouraged from as far back as I can remember, setting examples with her piano skills. Thanks to her help, along with our Mum's insistence, I learned the value of heading out of the house each day neat and tidy, with a clean handkerchief in my pocket and knowing I should be sporting good manners. Thanks to her when she was stationed at home to teach locally, I learned the importance of passing spelling tests. Thanks to her, hundreds of school children got their first taste of school life in a caring but firm manner. Thanks to her, a legacy is left that shows that anyone can make a positive difference in young people's lives simply by mixing the right amounts of love, discipline, routine and music with classic teaching skills. So thank you Lois for what you mean to your friends, pupils and family whenever we think about or come to remember you. Harley

Message from Jan Armstrong - Daughter
Hi Mum It's Mothers Day 2009 - missing you and wishing you were here to share the joy of us all. Love you Jan

Message from Theresa Moore - Niece

Hi Auntie Lois, thinking of you always but today especially as there has been another sad death, that of a police officer Len Snee (shot on duty). Knowing how hard it is everytime we think of you I feel very sad for what his family is going to go through.

Grandad is ok, not so with it now tho unfortunately, although he still cries out for his chocolate, so Jason & I try to keep him stocked up with chocolate!!

Think of you always

Love Theresa, Marty, Matthew, Kayla & Melissa



Message from Dayne Low -

Hello Jan Greame Kevin Hardy and  all the Dear  whano


Just want to send you all a christmas wish  especilly to your mum grandmother  Hope you all have a Happy new year as well im in Rotorua now and its going good anyway chat to u guys in the new year

good story by the way in thats life i think it was or lucky break


Kids look after one another

Best wishers


Message from Jan - Daughter

Hi Mum - You are thought of every day - Love and miss you heaps - Jan :)

Message from Karen -
Two years on your mum and your family still touches my heart, even without ever having met her myself.
I hope you are proud of how well you all handled such a horribly public grief, and chose to speak to the public when her murderer was still being sought. When many people would have broken under the grief and pressure you strived on for your mum, your heads held high. I think you did your mum's memory proud.
I hope some of the grief has faded, and that you are now able to focus on the good times.
They say God doesn't give us more than we can handle, and does everything for a reason. I think you have given many of us a renewed faith in the strength and loyalty of family, if nothing else I hope you know I consider that a gift.
Regularly in my thoughts,

Message from Judy Macdonald - cousin
Thinking about you especially today, Lois. You will never be forgotten and your legacy is your wonderful family, and the difference you made in people's lives just by being their friend or teacher. Thinking of you all. Love,Judy

Message from Jan Armstrong - Daughter

Hi there Mum

Thinking of you today and always.

Abby said no one knows it's Nana's day today - but heaps of your family and friends do.

Yoka has just phoned and said how proud you would be of us all and how lovely and polite Renee sounds on the phone.

Love you

Jan, Graeme, Renee and Abby :)



Message from Harley Dear - Brother

In rememberance of that tragic day two years ago when you were taken from us.

You loved the people God sent to you and gave to them unstintingly.

You are missed by many.

Be at peace big sister, you did well, time to rest.

Your 'little brother' Harley and family




Message from Lizzie -

Hello Birthday Girl,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Lois/Mum/Nana Lolo

Happy Birthday to you,

Hip Hip Horray

There was not a birthday or any occasion that you never sent a card (that always arrived on the day or the before) and we always rung you.

We all still miss you so much.

Love from Lizzie, Kevin, Taleisha and Zane xoxoxo


Message from Julie Saunders - Friend
I think of you often and miss your letters and phone calls and specially today when we would have made contact with each other. Best wishes to your family.

Message from Theresa Moore - Auntie

Hi Auntie Lois, just thought I would say hi and let you know that Grandad is ok. He's certainly keeping us on our toes but Jason & I are trying to do the best we can with the help of everyone else in the family.

He is the oldest Ponsonby League player, they are having a reunion in October so hopefully Jason & I can get him there for an hour or 2 as he has a special invite.

 All well is ok, wish you were still here.

Love you


Message from kevin mcneil - son
Happy mothes day mum, gone but never forgotten, how time flies, nearly two years, not too many messages hit the screens these days, they say time heals, I have my doubts on the healing side of time. Zane, Taleisha, lizzie and myself will never forget or forgive bad timing.R.I.P.Mum. 

Message from Dano Low -

Hello to the Dear whano

well another year has come pretty quickly  and i wold like to wish Lois Jan kevin Liz Greame and all the family a merry christmas  my year has been busy  at work  i am a delevery person so its hard to say what im gonna get  I do hope you all are safe   I have been a bit slow in sending you guys a xmas card  but my thoughts are with you all  

once again

Kia Kaha 

all my aroha to all the whano


Message from Kevin McNeil - son

Hi mum, yeah we still here zane, taleisha growing up fast, lizzie still as great as ever, am keeping busy, nothing knew tho ah?allways thinking of you, that will never change, still i wonder why, time is meant to heal or make things easier, one does doubt this tho.bye Kev and Lizzie, and skids.


Message from Leighton Butler - My Room 4 Teacher

To Ms Dear,

I am sending my love and aroha to you and your family at this time.

I moved away this year with my Mum, Dad and Sisters to another town and wish I could have been there to share your memoriam with your family, friends, Strathmore School and the people of Tokoroa.

Thank you for giving me the chance to be able to share my thoughts and remember you even though I am so far away.

Kind regards

Leighton Butler, Room 4 2000




Message from Jan Armstrong - Daughter

Hi Mum

We all travelled to Strathmore School today, (Kevin, Lizzie, Taleisha and Zane and their close friend Megan, Graeme, Renee, Abby, myself and Nana Di)  to spend this special day with your workmates and students.  They all still miss you so much, just like we do.  Mr Kendrick took Graeme, Renee, Abby and I into your classroom and your fantails still fly high.  It felt right to visit there today and makes us all feel a little better even though we will never understand why you were taken from us this way.  Love you Jan.

Message from Joanna & Tim MacDonald -

To Jan, Graeme, Renee & Abby and to Kevin and family

A year has passed, and know your sorrow hasn't eased.  Keep remembering the beautiful times you shared with Lois, and I hope somehow the sorrow will slowly ease. We love you lots.

Message from Jan - Daughter

Happy Birthday Mum

I wish you were here

So I could come visit and share some cheers

Even though I know, you would not share any of my beers :)

Yoka phoned today

and shared a tear with me today

You are in our thoughts everyday

but extra specially TODAY !

Happy 67th - Love you

Jan, Graeme, Renee & Abby

x x x x

Message from Julie Saunders - Friend
Hi Lois Happy Birthday my birthday buddy. We shared a birthday today and I always looked forward to catching up with you on this special day. You once gave me this poem about friendship that I would like to share FRIENDSHIP Friendship is two paths converging on the way to the same beautiful view. It is an inner door that only a friend has the key to. It is a gift, continually giving happiness. It is strong and supportive, and few things in all the world will ever compare with the joy that comes from its wonderful bond. I want you to know that our friendship is one thing I'll cherish all my life. My love to your family and I think of them often.

Message from Dayne Low -

Hi Jan Greame Kev his wife and Kid

 How are u  all now   was watching you guys one the news recently  and good on you

I have ented in a compition at the mo to win a trip for 2  and i was thinking of giving it to  you guys  if i win   because u have been though heaps  so i better win

here is something i found for all of the dear family I hope its ok

we lost you 11 months ago 

 a sorrow that still sings

 of all the tears and emptiness

 the loss of love one brings


Your day of birth and burial

turned out by chance the same

and so each year when it comes round 

 we feel both joy and pain


Our sadness comes from missing you

and missing you from love

and love from all the love in you

that we become part of


your love is still alive in us

we feel it ever new

our mornings filled with happeness

by memories of you


Message from Curacao Kaea - Student

Hi Ms Dear, It's Curacao here...I just wanted to tell you that my little brother started school this year...and is in Rm 4 just like I was when u were my teacher.....Our school is having a memorial for you on July 16th, our first day back after the holidays..and my mummy said she'll be there with me...to remember you..


From Curacao Kaea

Message from Jan - Daughter

Hi Mum,

Today Te Hiko got LIFE, 18 years non parole.  The New Zealand Justice System does not allow the sentence that I would like imposed on him. Today was hard for me but not as hard as when I first heard of your horrific death.  This is all still so incomprehensible and I know you would hate that we would have to go through this, however, as hard as it has been, it will never be as hard as the horrific acts that Te Hiko put you through.  I wish I was there to protect you.  We love and think of you everyday.  Forever... Love Jan, Graeme, Renee and Abby

Message from Lizzie - Daughter in law

We live our lives the best we can without you, it was mothers day the other day, not the easiest for anyone who has lost a mother, it only seems like yesterday that you were taken and the nightmare started, things will never be the same in our lives.

The kids are much the same, Taleisha still talks about you, and how she would like to see you again soon, the fantails are still around, a funny thing we (Kev, Zane, Taleisha and myself were peeling garlic out on the veranda and this baby fantail came and sat on the clothes line by us, i knew it was you checking on us, we will miss you forever.

You are never far from our thoughts and t is nice to no you are with us too.


Love Liz


Message from Jan Armstrong - Daughter

Hi there Nicholas, Dano and Bossy Boots and others who are keeping Mum's remembering site alive.  These little messages mean so much to us - and although bring tears to our eyes, it's a wonderful feeling that we all still remember Mum (and always will) for her beauty and love she showed to everyone in her own special way.  Thank you :)

Take care - Luv Jan

Message from Dano Low - friend

Hello Jan Kev & whano

where has the year gone u may ask  just sending my aroha and love to all of u as it has been a year sinch u lost a family member  i hope u are having a nice day  down there  anyway

all the best


Message from Nataria Mahu - an old student



Message from Dano Low - Person who i never knew
Hi there Mrs Dears Family I hope u all have a wonderful xmas i know it won't be the same it will be a greate shock to u I sent you guys a card when i heard the news Hope u didn't mind me sending it me thoughts are with u all this xmas Kia Kaha Dano

Message from Ceilla Govind -

Hello my name is Ceilla, and I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to the family of Lois Dear, in particular her son, who I saw on the news tonight.

My father Navin was also murdered in 1993, and I recognised the look that Mrs Dear's son had on his face and it moved me to tears. The look of total incomprehension. I understand what you are going through.

My father too died as a result of a senseless crime, all for a few dollars and some cigarettes. It would appear that both our parents were doing a service to our communities, and that they were well loved and respected.

I will always miss my dad, and my heart broke when you said that you hoped that everything could go back to the way that it used to be, when we know that it never will. It may get easier, but it will always be different.

At least I know that my dad is always looking over me, where ever I am, whatever I am doing. Take the support that is offered to you, because its really hard to do it alone. I know for one, that I am here to support you. If you want to contact me, feel free to do so when ever you want.

Take care

Love, Ceilla.




Message from Curacao Kaea - student-RM 4-2006

Hi Ms Dear

My mum is writing this for me.....

I am moving to RM 9 next term, because I am getting bigger and will be 6 in November. I know Ms Shepard will look after me and help me and Phoenix, Taitana, Rico, Terence and Moses learn all the good things you would want us to learn. I will miss Rm 4 but I know we will all be in the same class again somewhere in the future.

My mum was abit sad that I wouldn't be a Rm 4 girl anymore, but she knows you would want me to move on, and in my heart I will always be a RM 4 special girl....like you were the Rm 4 special teacher..

Bye for now.

Curacao Kaea


Message from Jan - Daughter

"Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced".

Keeping positive Mum and getting on but always remembering you - you are always in our thoughts and always will be. Love from your family at Matatoki xxxxx

Message from Judy Macdonald - cousin

Thinking of Lois

It's hard to believe it is eight weeks since Lois was so tragically taken from us. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and how her family is missing her. When a tragedy like this happens, we think of all the "if only"s and "what if"s that might have lead to a different outcome.  Then there are the regrets, such as not keeping in touch with your cousins like you used to when you were kids and spent most school holidays together. My memories of being with Lois in those days are full of fun and laughter, singing, and even yodelling (if you twisted Lois's arm!) 

So now when I think of Lois, I think not of how she died, but only of how she lived, and that was obviously to the full.  I have had a wake-up call - I think we all have, and have learned that we should not take it for granted that our lives will continue on the same as always, that we will have time to do all those things, get in touch with all our family and friends as we promise ourselves we will do "tomorrow". We should do it now, "in the living years" before it is too late. Lois lived like that - her honesty and dedication, kindness and caring have all been remembered by everyone in their tributes and so she will never be forgotten. Her spirit is still with us - I think lots of fantails are in her service. 

Love to you all, and God bless.


Message from Harley Dear - Brother

Hello big sister,


Your little brother here.

We all miss having you “with us” so much, and in fact I never realised how much “much” would actually be.


It was Fathers’ Day yesterday.  Jason brought him around home for a visit and he is looking well. Dad is now in a rest home in Howick where he gets regular visits from Jason and Theresa, our family and quite a few others. So we are doing our best to carry on the good work you did for so many years.  Dad really misses “his pal” ( you ) though and we can never fill the special place that you had in his life.


You will be proud of your children Lois.  Jan has held up so well and Kevin has dug deep to reveal a great talent for public speaking.  They both have good spouses backing them and your upbringing on family values has shone through.  We’re proud to call them niece and nephew. They have acted with the dignity that you would like them to.


There are three things I never thanked you for when you were with us but I want to thank you now. 


Firstly, ‘Thank you Lois’ for the great part you had in my upbringing. Hearing all the testimonies, I am reminded how “so alike” you and I are and that of course has to do with your input when I was a small little brother.


Secondly, ‘Thank you Lois’ for my second name “Maurice” that you gave me. You know, some years ago in my music circles, particularly on forums, I adopted the name “Mo” – which is short for Maurice and now to my music friends I’m known as “Bassman Mo”. This nnnow is very special to me as it is a permanent reminder of your input to my life.


Thirdly, ‘Thank you Lois’ for the music talent that you encouraged me to dig out when I was so young.  I’ve been thinking about it and realise that I looked up to you so much in my young years and that your playing piano and encouraging me was the catalyst for my love of playing music.  You know, when I play at Church every Sunday, I have my “sad moment”, because I am reminded of your music input/encouragement and the fact you were taken from us on a Sunday Morning.


You are special Lois


Love from little brother Harley Maurice

Message from Lizzie Dawson - Daughter in Law

So many days have passed since that horrific day, not a day goes past when your not in my thoughts, there is so many things that should have been and so many days that you should be here for, we will treasure all the memories that you left with us, i am so very thankful to have spent that day with you the weekend before, Taleisha often asks when you will find your way back from the stars and visit us, Zane plays with his truck every day, this we will treasurer, for our lifetime, we miss and love you always, what we would do to have you back in our lives.

Love always Lizzie


Message from Natasha Wehipeihana-Kaea - Students mum

A quick note to Ms Dears family

Just letting you know that Rm 4 kids are slowly finding a light at the end of the tunnel.They have been given so much support and gifts from people throughout NZ.

They are set to have a brand new teacher in the 4th term, and with the support from staff and parents here at Strathmore School....they will grow into the bright, clever young individuals Ms Dear would've wanted. I hope one day they can visit you all again.

Anyway, my love go out to you and will keep an eye out on a tiwaiwaka (fantail) floating thru the school. I believe she still keeps an eye on her kids:)


Message from Jan Armstrong - Daughter
Hi Mum - One month today since your horrific passing.  I saw your fantail last week when Glenys and Wendy were visiting. Think of you everyday but this still feels very unreal.  Keeping busy, Renee and Abby doing OK, Graeme helping heaps.  Forever in our thoughts.  Love Jan

Message from Phil Martin - Didn't know her

I was really saddened to learn of Lois' death in such a horrible way. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this very difficult time. Unfortunately death can come so suddenly into our family and to loved ones, even when we least expect it.

May God come alongside each member of Lois' family and comfort them all now and in the days ahead. Yours sincerely,

Phil Martin 

Message from Angelique Dixon - none

To all friends and family of Lois.

My love and thoughts are with you all at this difficult time. I lost my father suddenly 5 months ago unexpectedly. I know the shock, numbness, disbelief that comes with losing a loved one. I can say the pain gets lighter as time goes by but missing them is always there. How I cope is by having faith that one day I will dance with my father again. Lois left a great legacy behind and she would be proud of all the hearts she touched when she was here and after she left. Lois is resting in a deep dreamless-like state until she will hear Jesus telling her to wake up. I believe in a resurrection. You have so many fond memories to keep close to your heart. So keep strong and remember time is always too short and know this, you will see Lois smile again. Until then keep that smile in your memory.

Love and my condolences. God bless.

Message from Andrea - An old neighbour
To the family of Lois Dear, I know that even the greatest amount of condolences could not possibly relieve the amount of pain you must be feeling, but to each and every one of you I send my sincerest sympathy. Lois was a wonderful and very kind-hearted person who I am thankful to have known both as a neighbour and as a colleague. She will indeed, be sadly missed because that heart of hers was like gold. Always thinking about those around her and always taking the time to make sure that everything was okay. Jan, I am pleased that someone has shared the story of the fantail with you. I hope that those words from Tina can ease your pain even if only a little. To know that your mother may not be here in person, but certainly is in spirit. Noho ora mai, Andrea

Message from Chanel, Tahu and Whanau Davis - Present Pupils

To Ms Dear's Family,

Our deepest symathany to you all. Our hearts and thoughts are with you every day.

Ms Dear is a loving kind hearted person and will do anything for anyone,  doing her job which she loved so much. Every day she was there to teach her loving children in Room 4 as well as others.

We will never forget a wonderful Lady who always has a beautiful smile on her face. Kia Kaha

Arohanui Chanel and Tahu Davis.


Message from Judith&Danielle Fryer - Just a love Person and a dear teacher

To The Dear Family,

Our condolences to the family. We are very sad to hear of the loss to the family. She was a lovely teacher full of happiness, and kind hearted. She was a sweet lady. We are all going to miss her alot.

From The Fryer Family

Message from Vince mouroa -

It is mine to avenge, I will repay. Deu 32:35

May God bless and comfort the Dear family in the days ahead.

Message from Sheree Putt - a teacher who taught me 13 years ago
I am very sorry for your loss of Lois Dear. She will be remembered I liked her because she was helpful, kind, caring, friendly

Message from Natasha Wehipeihana-Kaea - Parent of Ms Dear's student RM4, 2006

Kia ora

Ms Dear was my baby girl Curacao's very first teacher. She started school last November and stayed in the same class this year...RM 4. Curacao would bring her reading folder home every night, she'd read to us and made sure we commented on her efforts so that Ms Dear could give her a sticker or stamp the next morning. In such a short time our baby had gained so much confidence and had learnt so much...and I remember thanking Ms Dear for the help and nurturing she had given to her.

Thank you so much for providing our baby girl with the knowledge and understanding that education is the key to life. Although she is only 5, we will make sure she knows how valuable you were and your name and memory will be spoken of with love, admiration and happiness.

God bless you, and your family.

All our aroha....The Kaea whanau
Strathmore School


Message from Jan Armstrong - Daughter

My Mum

Honesty, cleanliness, love, sense of humour, laughter, keeping in touch, needing to be wanted, giving, caring, patience, dancing, music, mince on toast, proud of her children, sharing our endeavours/travels, worms, Reporoa, Kerepehi, Papatoetoe, Paeroa, Cambridge, hand knitted jerseys/cardigans and slippers, beautiful homemade clothes, Ferry Road, real Christmas trees, fuchsias, geraniums, old fashion daphne, freesias, writing letters, being on a diet, tiny waist, mini, Thames Coast in the summer evenings, Miranda Hot Springs, Komata Reefs, Golden Shears, lettuce and marmite sandwiches, lettuce and sugar, Kerepehi Rugby Club, athletics, swimming, tennis, netball, calf club, group day, fudge yummy fudge, sponge cake, neat printing, big soft bath towels....

Some of my early childhood memories shared with my mum.

Thank you to each and everyone one of you for all your support.

Love and take care


P.s.  Thank you to Tina (unknown to our family) for these beautiful words we received in the post.  Too lovely not to share.....

Enjoy the presence of the fantail.

These little birds are gentle, beautiful and perfect, just like our mothers.

You have experienced a visit from one and it will keep returning.  It could be at a large family gathering or while you are quietly sitting on your own.  Either way, you will feel your mother's presence.

From my experience I believe they are 'little angels from heaven'.

You have my deepest sympathy.

Signed:  Tina (unknown to your family)

Message from michelle Ludlow -



I recently saw it on the news about this lovely person and I was shocked to hear about Mrs Dear. I don't know her personally but I know she loved those children she taught at Tokoroa Primary School and my heart and prayers go out to the teachers and her family


thank you


Michelle Ludlow

from Wellington

Message from John A & Friends -
To all the family and friends affected by the sad passing of this lovely lady take heart today. May you experience the support and love of your community and know that we too hurt with you.

Message from Helen Le Page -

To all the staff and pupils at Strathmore School,

Our thoughts are with you at this sad and tragic time.

Helen and Leah,

Mother and student at Tokoroa North School


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on 18/07/2006

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Tribute placed by
Judy Macdonald
on 16/07/2011:

5 Years have passed but the memories of you are as bright as ever. Loving thoughts to all your family from Judy

Tribute placed by
Jan Armstrong
on 31/01/2008:

Hi Mum - Is now 2008 - 18 mths passed. Love and miss you

Tribute placed by
Jan Armstrong
on 09/09/2007:

Spring is here - Yahoo.Think of you always. Kids all growing up fast. Luv Jan

Tribute placed by
Paulette Newman
on 16/07/2007:

To Jan,Graham,Kev,Lizzie and kids, Thinking of you today with all my heart, Kia Kaha !! Love you xx

Tribute placed by
Judy Macdonald
on 16/07/2007:

Thinking of you Lois. I know your strength & courage will bless your family today. Love, Judy

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