A tribute to Melissa Joy Viall (1983 - 2006)
  Melissa Joy Viall
  1983 - 2006
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Message from sharron raams - friend

Happy Birthday lovely lady.

You are missed by so many!

kept my pjs on a liitle longer this morning, if i was at work with the kids today i would have planned a pj day.

xo xo

Message from sharron Raams - friend

Miss Moo.

 There is not a day that goes by that you are not thought about. you are always in my prayers. you are so missed. my heart still aches as i remember that day, and brings tears to my eyes each and everytime.

Miss you and your wonderful smile and laugh.

Love sharron. xoxo


Message from Rachael Rogers -

Hey Moo Moo,

Just thinking about you again today! I still miss you so very much! It sucks that we dont get to share this part of our lives together, I know you would have loved Megan & all the cuddles & smiles she would have given you!!

I know you are up there though watching over our little angel being her amazing angel!!!

Love you so very much xxx

Message from carl wartnaby - friend
hello mellisa/moo still think about you, and miss you. our group of friends still keep in touch although not as much as we used to. i guess we are all getting older now, starting familys and finding our own way in the world. i still treasure the good old days, camping out in the mount, heading to whanga, sneaking partys at your parents and others while they were away, and just doing what young people do,i spent some of the best times with you. the best weekend i had or at least one was the trip we did to whanaga you me glenn raych and amber, nothing too exciting just hanging out with good friends, playing play station buzz drinking and getting shitty with each other for steeling points. hopfuly you still look down on us and stay a while even if you cant join in as such. take care, love from carl.

Message from Lucy Spencer - Good friends

I wish heaven had a phone, so I could hear your voice again.

I thought of you today, but thats nothing new.

I thought of you yesterday, and days before that to.

I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.

All I have is memories, and a picture in a frame.

Your memory is a keepsake, from which I will never part.

God has you in his arms now, I still have you in my heart.


Hey Moo, Its been to long my girl, Im sorry its taken me forever. Nana has just given me the magazine that the article is in of your mum and dad, I never had the website name, but im here now. A few words of how I feel about you. We never kept in touch enough and now it hurts me. I love you girl and will miss you always. I see you every day with the books your mum sent me, with your name on them in your hand writing.

Lots of love to all the family to colleen and gary, Lucy, Jarred, Bryce and new addition Mikayla Speirs. 

Message from Rachael Plummer -

Hey Moo Moo,

Just wanted to say that I love you very much & still miss you all the time! I know you are up there protecting and watching over us, especially at the moment! With our wedding coming up, I am missing you so much! I know how very excited you would have been & how much I would have loved for you to be there to share this extremely special day with us! I know you will be there watching over us though!

Love you always, Dot xx

Message from sharron raams - friend and workmate

Melissa, we love and miss you so much.

lot's of love always



Message from Sophia - Friend

I only knew you for a short time when we studied together, yet it was enough to last me a life time, what can I say..  you were INFECTIOUS...

three weeks ago a parent at my school was trying to get her daughters attention and she called out “come on Missy Moo” Ihave thought about you and spoken of throughout the years, but when I heard that, I looked at her as if I had seen a ghost.. she asked me what was wrong I told her nothing, I just haven’t heard that for quite sometime.. tears rolled down my eyes and I quickly exited the room...

Now I’m here infront of the computer surfing the net, I typed in your name and this page came up, I had no idea it even existed, I have never cried like this for so long...

Melissa my time with you was brief but affective, you were so open and full of life, showing me your latest  bargains on clothes, shoes and bags, offering to look out for what’s on special, you would talk about what looks good or what your plans were for the weekend, ask what would be a good birthday present for someone your going to see in the weekend, you’d even say it loud enough for the class to hear because everyone’s opinion mattered ...

You were such a welcoming and caring person that at times wouldn’t take no for an answer when you would tell me to sit with you and Bridget at lunchtime, knowing that the girls I usually sit with, weren’t in class that day...

You broke down barriers,  your love for life, children and people reflected in the room, you had a radiant quality like a luminous  gem, that was rare and absolutely priceless, no millionaire could experience...

But you gave that memory to me and all those who love you, I am blessed to have known you Melissa, I’m sure without a doubt your making yourself well known where you are, just don’t go taking all the stars up there, save some for your sidekicks JJJJ

Message from Debbie Clarke - Friend

Madison hadn't talked about you for awhile then out of nowhere last Thursday night she mentioned you while we were looking through some old house photos.  So we have decided that every 8th October we will pull out the photos and enjoy one of your favourite pastimes.

Always in our hearts Miss Moo xoxoxoxo

Love also to Colleen, Gary and family.  Thank you soo much for sharing all of Moo's little goodies.  Madison, Bella and I treasure them all right down to the pens in her pencil case!

Message from Kristin Froude (aka Kissy) - BFF hehe


Last night we raised a glass of your fav lindaur for..

Last  night we remembered all the good times..

Last night we each had a small tear in our eyes as we tried to be strong...

Bust most of all, last night we gathered together not only as friends but as a group that will always have that one connection. A friendship that was shared with you that brings us all together as one. And you will live on through us.

You are in our thoughts and our hearts every day.

Wuff you moo,


Message from Sammy - Cousin
Wow, 3 years. Seems like just yesterday you came to get me. Miss you heaps Missy. Love Sam.

Message from colleen viall - mum

Remembering you this week,as we so often do.

Although we smile and don't say  much,

no one misses you more than us.

And when old times we recall,that's when we miss

you most of all.

Love you always in our heart

Love Mum and Dad

Message from sharron raams - friend

missing moo as much as i do? come join us for a drink at the garrisons pub at sylvia park on Saturday the 10th of October at 7pm. join us for a meal or dinner. (hard to think it has beeen 3 years).

much love moo we miss you lots and lots.xxxxxxx



Message from -

Woops I pushed enter by accident. (hehe)

Theres not one day that goes by that I dont think about you. I miss picking up the phone to hear your voice on the other end. Our big chats we use to have about everything. Theres soo many times ive just wanted to talk to you.

I just wish I could see your smile again, you made a dim day soo much better. I cant believe its been two years.

You will always be my bestest friend forever.  I miss you lots and I love you.

Hayley xoxox

Message from -

Hey Moo,

Well there is not one day that goes by that I

Message from Dot - Friend

Hey Moo Moo,

I seriously cant believe its been 2 years. Its gone so fast yet it sometimes seems time has totally stood still!! I thought that it would get easier and it wouldnt hurt as much, but I was wrong. I still hurts so much & I miss you sooo much!!

So much has changed since then yet I know that you are watching down on all of us and are keeping us strong and standing beside us when we need it!!!

I wish I could just get a big hug from you, I miss them & you!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Always Dot xxxx

Message from Kristin (kissy) Froude - close friend


2 years... what can i say... It still hurts when i see your picture and to think of what your missing out on. But i know... that your in the best place now and looking down telling me to pul my head in.

Words cant explain this hurt and gilt of not being there the lies over me every day.

But i know with each day and every tear thats shed, it will get easier.. but my love and devotion to you as a friend for you will never weaken.

Tonight i will have a wine with your mum n dad and laugh & shed a tear... but always smile throughout the night, because the thought of your laughter and smile is something we will never forget.

luv you miss moo



Message from Kayla McVeigh - Cousin
Sorry its late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOO!!!

Message from Harold Flavell - Uncle
Missy, It's over a year now and i miss you especially our talks over the fence about anything and everything.Even having a conversation on the computer instead of just opening your window and speaking to one another face to face. It is still very hard going past your window every morning when i go to work ,so now i just say to myself wake up sleepyhead i'll see you tonight when i come home from work.Well Missy thats all i have to say for now .   Uncle Harold                                                                                                                     

Message from Dean Viall - brother and friend

Hi Moo.

It's that time of year agian, a time where our family was always been brought together with you as the gravitational force in the centre.

Now, without you here, there is nothing pulling us together, nothing motivating us to love the way you taught us to, nothing to be thankful for.

Our joy perished with you and our hearts stopped with yours.

You meant such a considerable amount to our world and it is empty, dark and sad without you here.

It is hard for me to have a positive outlook these days, people are harmed and murdered so often now, people are more unpredictably viscoious and less caring. I wish you were here to show me that it's not gtting as bad as it so often seems.

Love you and merry christmas, I'll have a bubbles for you on the 25th!



Message from Rebecca Stanney - Worked with Colleen
Massive hugs to both Colleen and Gary.... praying for you everyday

Message from Rebecca Stanney - Worked with her Mother
I am so pleased with the sentence... although it can never bring her back... at least he will serve alot of time for what he has done... my prayers are with both Melissa's and Kane's Families.... My love to all

Message from Annonymous Auckland - Didnt know her

I didnt know you Melissa but from what I have heard you were a good person! I am so pleased with the result of the sentencing for Darin, he got a heavy sentence and he deserved it! I have read many stories about you and have met your family at the trial, I am sorry for their loss. But you will be remember as a fantastic person and a credit to them.



Message from Kelly Addis - Melissa was my nephews childcare teacher
Melissa was my nephew's childcare teacher and he absolutely adored her. He missed her very much. It makes me very sad to see such a beautiful soul leave this Earth so young, and truly opens my eyes to how precious and fleeting our time in this world is. My prayers and thoughts go out to all those who hold Melissa near to their hearts.  

Message from Gillian Addis - Daycare

Melissa was a caregiver at the childcare centre attended by my grandson Cameron or "Camy "as Melissa called him. She was a very special person, loved by the children and parents at the centre. Only very special people choose a career  working with  young children and Melissa was certainly one of those special people.

My family were shocked and dismayed at the tragedy that took this young life so suddenly and in such terrible circumstances. We share the memory of this wonderful young lady with all who knew her and will not forget your Moo Moo.

Gillian, Mathew Phillipa and Cameron.



Message from Nicole Brooke-Sadd - I have no relationship with her.
Kia Ora I Was reading in a magazine about the sad death of Melissa. I think it was amazing how she was always there to help at a drop of a pin. From reading in the magazine that she was going to do well in life. I like the nickname MOO to. Arohanui ( Lots of Love )

Message from Rebecca Pomare - Parent of child Melissa looked after at Angels

To the family of Melissa,

It brings a tear to my eye reading the latest Weekly seeing Melissa's bright smile that use to light up the room. 

It was 2001 when Melissa looked after my daughter @ a daycare she worked at by Airport Oaks.  She was the reason why we sent our daughter to that daycare in the first place because she was so lovely and made us feel very welcome.  It could of been 6 months later Melissa asked if she could take our daughter out with her for the day, we were more than happy to have her do so because thats how much we could trust her and you could see the love she had for our little girl.  Now I know why after reading more about Melissa why they had so much in common.  We had given our daughter Rhiarn the nickname Missy Moo not long after birth. Unbeknwon to us now that was Melissa's nickname as well, or at least one of them!

To the family, I cant express how much sympathy we have for you. Our love goes out to you and will have a place for Melissa in our hearts forever!


Message from -

I read the womans weekly this week and it mayed me cry the love your family as for you will never end and your life will live on. I have worked with your mum and she is one of the best!!!. She wont let anything get on top of her.  All the best to the family my hart is will you all> :-)

Message from Maria Barnes - Long time friend
Hi Colleen,Gary,Dean and Sacha, Hello, Maria Steere here from 4 Michigan Place. I just want to send my love to you all. Melissa was a wonderful girl at the time when we were little. I love to hear from you. Love Maria and Noel Barnes

Message from Rebecca Stanney - Worked with Colleen
My Condolences to Colleen and her family. Not sure if you rememeber me but I worked with you circa 1999-2000ish at woolies in Papakura.... i am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. Every time i saw Melissa come into the shop, she would light up the whole place... My deepest thoughts and love go out to you as you remember her during the anniversary...

Message from Angela H - friend from girls brigade in ch ch
I can't believe it is a year ago since your life was ended, you were such a great friend and always willing to help out with the juniors and whenever you could. Your a inspiration to us all and you really loved children. Like to send my condolences to colleen,gary, dean and his wife you are all lovely ppl and family. hugs to u all. Angela

Message from Karlene Lincoln -


I never met you but i would just like to say hi and my name is karlene and i was with you the night that you got taken.Kane the other guy that got taken to was my sister's boyfriend.  I saw what happened and that will stick with me for the rest of my life.  Both of you did not deserve to be taken away so quickly from loved ones in your life. I met your mum, dad, brother and his wife at the court case and are wonderful people and my heart goes out to your family.I sat with you till the ambulance came. I was want to say that i was there and you were not alone. You and i share the same passion for our love of children, i am in my first year of doing my bachelors at MIT

Love to your family


Message from Julie Wright - ExWorkmate, Cook and Friend

One year today, IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE, no words can describe the many qualities you had.  Your kind and gentle temperment your smile and laughter that sparkles - the way your face lightens up the room.  That twinkle in your eyes - We miss you Moo!!!!

Love from Julie, Les and Kev xxxxx

Message from Debbie Clarke - Friend

It's hard to believe it has been a year.  It feels like just yesterday that I got the phone call, yet so much has happened over this year.  My heart ached but also felt comforted when I saw your expression in the wedding photo in the Woman's Weekly today. It was a special way to think of you on this day.  Thanks for that Colleen, Gary and family. 

I just hope you know how much you have meant to soo many people.  I know my life will never be the same.  I am much more appreciative of the people in my life and thankful for what I have.  It certainly has helped to have had Bella enter into our life over this time as I just hug and kiss her when ever I am missing you or want to think of you and all of your special qualities.  However it must be the 'Joy' coming out in her as she can be a mini drama queen and has a low tolerance for pain! 

I will be blessed as a parent if our girls show half of the care, love and kindness that you shared so willingly in your short life.  I hope your Mum and Dad can feel very proud of themselves of the beautiful young adult that they raised.

Love and miss you


Message from Donna Penu - Cousin

To my dearest cousin Missy Moo

Well it has been a year today and I still cant believe you have gone, I miss your beautiful smile!!!

You are a very special person Moo as you have the biggest heart that touched us all!!

It was a great night at Aunty Colleens on Saturday as we all got together to remember your beautiful nature, it was very special and will never be forgotten!!!

It will never be the same at our Family Christmas as you were always the one to come up to me and my boys and give us a big kiss and cuddle!! I am going to miss that so very much!!

I have a photo of you on my fridge and every morning and night I say good morning and goodnight to you, also my boys always think and talk about you especially Jaydin, as he loved you to bits, he always asks me where is Moo Mum and why has she gone away, and it is so hard to tell him each time he asks.  I have told him that you are up in sky looking down on us all!!

We love and miss you alot Missy and we will meet again some day my beautiful cousin!!!

You will always be very special in my heart and you will never be forgotten!!

My heart goes out to you's Aunty Colleen, Uncle Gary, Dean and Sacha I will always be thinking of you's and I love you's with all my heart!!

RIP cuzz!!!! mwha mwha

Arohanui my cousin Donna, Munise, Tyron and Jaydin.


Message from Kristin Froude - Best Friends 2000-2006


1 Year is nearly here... since the day you were taken from us all. Its a year with all the ups n downs i thought would never excist in this world.

I know that no matter how much i wish for you to come back or how much i may cry over you being gone, that will never bring you back.

He will go away for a very long time moo... we all made sure of that, with the support in that court room, the love we all felt for you, the pain we all had!! Its something that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life.

I promise i will be there for collen & gary as much as i can... giving them hugs all the time, makeing sure they know they are still loved and cherished so much.

Life will never be the same without you in it, my heart will always have a place missing. Please forgive me for not being there for you at that time.. every day that rips me apart. I know it wont change anything by punishing myself in that way, your parents have helped me through that.

Just know moo, your in my dreams every night and i feel you around us all.

We will raise a glass of bubbles to you this weekend to celebrate a life that can never be replaced and never forgotten.

All my love with all my soul



Message from Tracey O'Donoghue - Parent of a former pre-schooler of Melissa's
 When I think of Melissa a smile covers my face as I recall one of the most happiest and beautiful people I've met.  I meet Melissa in 2005 while she taught my young son at Bright Horizons.  Melissa is one of those few people who drew people in with a natural kindness. 

I was deeply saddened to hear of Melissa's death and as the first anniversary of her death nears my heartfelt sympathy is extended to her loved  ones.

Melissa gave my son a nickname (Shea-Shea), a name that has continued to be used at pre-school and at home.  Everytime I hear myself saying his nickname I see Melissa's smiling face - this will always be with me as a touching memory of a beautiful lady. 

Message from Tanya Claasen -

Our whole family were so shocked when we heard Moo.

Its funny how we take the memories of youth and high school for granted until its too late.

How many years has it been since I've seen you?  But the amount of time I spent around at your house plus all the time you spent with Leanne, you will be in our thoughts and hearts forever.

All our love to the Viall family

Message from Murray Hawke -

I can’t say I knew Melissa well; In fact I only met her on the odd occasion, tagging along with Dean and Gary at the odd cycle event. I was shacked and saddened to here of your loss. My condolences go to the whole family. Only those who have lost a child, brother or sister in tragic circumstances can truly comprehend your loss    

Message from Nathan Hawke -

As someone who only knew Melissa as a little girl, Finding out this sad news today is a shock. My only memories of Melissa was of this young girl that wanted to be so much of her older brothers life and socialise with all his mates, How rude we where to her yet she still looked up to Dean and his mates as idol like figures.

Its really sad a beautifull mind such as hers should be taken in such sercumstances, speacially at a time when trying to help others.

All my best wishes to the whole Viall family.

Till next time we cross baths

Nathan Hawke

Message from Debbie Clarke - Ex boss & good friend


Today will always be your day.  We know how much you enjoyed it.

Glasses will be raised tonight - Cheers to you.

We love and miss you very much.

Debbie, Jason, Madison & Bella

Message from Hilary Campbell - friend

I don't really kno what to say...

i have one very fond memory of you moo...

I will never forget when we were at a party at graham and debs...i cant remember what 4... but i was quite upset ...i cant remember why 4 that either... but i do remember that you looked after me and hung out wit me for the whole night even though i was probably only 14 then and quite a bit younger than you. you looked after me and we became quite good friends. you got me 2 help you serve drinks to people for a while then me and you danced the whole night away... :)

i had met you quite a few times before but i never really new you till then. i had soo much fun that night and ill never forget it... i remember being amazed at how caring  you were and how fun you were.

you gave me your number that night and we texted each other often...

i just wish i could have seen you more often...

i was devastated when i heard what happened it was so unreal.

ill never forget you moo-  and i hope you no i wore a cow printed coat to your funeral ...haha

love hilary

Message from Lance Clack - early classmate

When I heard the news I remembered the name straight away and didn't want to look any further into it to find out that it was the same person I shared a few classrooms with way back then.. but today I did and it was.
I don't remember everything but I remember Melissa and reading everybody elses tributes and comments makes me sorry that I never got the chance to know her much beyond Windsor.
But it looks like she never stopped being the kind, caring and fun person with a heart the size of texas that I do remember.

My heartfelt condolence to everyone, take care

Message from steph spurr - close friend

My message for moo at her funeral

Moo Moo

To the world you were one person

but to all of us you were the world.

you came into my life for just a little while

and you very quickly caught me with your infectious smile

you quickly became a very special friend and together we drove others around the bend

Moo, you made our working life a dream, together we had the most fabulous team,  we always had so much laughter and fun i know kitrina did wonder if we ever got any work done.

out of the room you would go  leaving us with all the work you know  Now in the room when we need to leave  we ask for a moo moment would you believe

i never forget the nights we had at the pub dancing and full of wine we always had a great time. I remember the night by spinning me around you sprained my arm I paid you back early next morn when i jumped on you and woke you in alarm

Moo i'll always be greatful we had the first aid course that day

lots of fun and giggles it made it fun that way

I wish i had been with you on that night maybe we wouldn't have been anywhere near that fight.

i forgot to give you our usual hug on saturday eve. if i had known it was my last chance you would have had a never ending squeeze.

Once in your life you meet someone like you it was a huge privelege to have known you my great friend moo

so goodbye my moo moo, see you again someday my life will never be quite the same way.

my fondest memory of you that last day, when you kissed my arm and said I wuf you my stiffneys

so here goes kiss you on your arm " i wuff you moo" Now you know your stiffneys really does wuff moo!

and you'll always be with me as a charm on the bracelet of my sprained arm.

It was melissas wish to get the chance to insight a whole pub to do the birdy dance, she particularly loved doing this with the children at work,

i want to thank everyone at Melissa's funeral for helping me to achieve this for melissa.

i will always love you moo, love always and forever your stiffneys

Message from Dean (Harry) Viall - Brother

Moo's memorial service at St Margarets College, Friday 27th October.


Huggy bear, Christmas 1987:

Little did she know it was a freebee from a fabric softening company and not the special santa present she thought it was. None the less, he accompanied her wherever she slept, for 19 years.


Now, we try to justify losing someone so special, at such a young age, in such an unexpected way, but the truth is, we’ll never be able to understand why these things happen.

Sure, we can say society is getting more violent, and we tell ourselves to accept the fact that horrible things can happen at any time,

we say, “that’s just the way the world works” and “we just have to get used to it”.


And then we start to see how precious life really is, how suddenly things can change, we can see how silly we are to stress so much about the little things – debts, jobs, a ruined top from a red wine incident…


I try to explain life like this:

Throughout our lifetime people cross our paths. Some short term, some long.  From everyone that you meet along the way, you learn something, you receive something, you experience something.

This influence makes you a better person in some way or another... and you then give them something back in return.



We’re here to pay our respects to someone who, so enthusiastically, gave us all something that made us better people. She gave a lifetime worth of this influence to us, in just 23 years, and this makes her a successful, powerful, memorable woman whose effect on the world will leave a lasting impression.


But we must realize that we gave her something too.  The one thing she needed to accomplish her goals. The one thing in the world she was afraid of losing.   Our attention.


So, who was this amazing person?


Moo, Mis Moo, Missy, Moo moo, Missy Moo, Chocomulu, Missy Two Shoes, and Melissa Joy.

Names every body knows and a voice that has never been mistaken for another.


The persona of “moo branding” took on a life form of its own when the cow themed accessories started coming into play.


First the seat covers in the old laser and then little cow figures finding their way into gift parcels. . photo frames, slippers, toys. 


Nobody had any control over this, least of all Moo, and before we knew it was a registered trademark with a patent pending.


Handbags, shoes, phones… man, that girl could accessorize!



She always liked to be an organizer: 

 When she was a toddler I remember her constantly telling us how we should be doing things: when, where, what to bring… “make sure you pack my milk and nappies mum” … that sort of thing.


And she always had to know what was going on with everyone in the household, especially about a phone call mum would be on, from fear of missing out on an important piece of information - no matter how irrelevant it would have been to a 5 year old.

This talent grew more efficient over time, until it got to a stage where she was involved in at least 30 peoples daily agenda.


She was always at the centre of social gatherings, mainly because she arranged it in the first place, but apart from that she attracted peoples attention and made them want to spend as much time with her as they could.

So they did.



To me, Moo was a worthy opponent at times, but the immense love she radiated filled a vital piece of my heart, a piece that is now forever broken.



A brief candle; both ends burning
A camera flash and a head turning

A friend to share the better times
A big hug; a glass of wine

Lets say it loud and let it ring
You were are a part of everything

Our time together has now passed
But our love for you will always last



Our paths will cross again,  

and we will laugh


I'm sure we'll be fine

until then.

I'm no longer asking why

I'm asking when.


Dean Lee Viall.

(a.k.a.  Harry ) 


Message from Alana Sullivan - childhood friend

Hello Moo, Seems like only yesterday we were all running round in our togs outside Hayleys swimming pool, lying on the hot tar footpath talking away. Even the roller skating down Michigan Place to stop into your place and munch on popcorn covered in icing. You were always a bright and bubbly little girl.

I was so happy to see when i was in Auckland for Lyndas wedding, you had transformed into an amazing and beautiful woman. Melissa the world was lucky to have you for the time that we did and we could all learn a lesson about life from you.

Miss you and love you lots


Message from Mandy Bertie (Boyd) - Friend

Well Miss you did what you do best looking out for others, even when you were young you couldn't help yourself at Girls Brigade you were always looking out for everyone. People come and go in your life but even though it has been 14 years since I last saw you Miss you have touched my heart like no other.  Your smile use to light up room!!! Love always - you will live on in my heart

Message from Jessica Y - frends/nanni



Home and a gay will neva b the same without u aye...:(

but ill tel u what happens every day!!!?!?!

i no that the central waht sign will have to change....

Cos we're central-waht and home and a gay buddies 4 lyf!!!


thanks 4 taking real gd care of me aye.. and i luv u 4eva and eva and eva!!! xx



Message from Channelle & Kathy Perry - Friend

Moo... What I first noticed about you was how you had a such zest for life I believe you were much wiser than your age I think it's not what you learnt from life in your short years  but what you taught, ... you  enriched & encouraged  your friends you radiated  sunshine laughter & love... What a lovely character you had.  That is what we will  remember & miss about you. That kind of character doesn't happen by accident it happens by choice & what matters  now is not how many people you knew but how many of us will feel a lasting loss. What matters now is the memories that live in those who loved you.You will be remembered ...Just like the rainbow you will be close by.

Message from carl wartnaby - friend

hey moo how are you.

moo and i were good friends, and i have too many memorys to write down, but ill try and share a few. moo and i had more of a brother sister relationship, we both enjoyed play fighting, although she would go home and tell on me to her mother and show her any bruises she may have gained. even though you took it well i now feel  bad for some of the crap i gave you, you have a big heart, you were always trying to please us guys, and look after us, you cooked us so many meals and baked us so many goodies as i said at your funeral, they even became eddible buy the end. i loved your m an m cookies especialy. you were one of my best friends you stuck buy me through the good times and  the bad times, when i was in hospital bored out of my brains, you made sure you came to visit me, you may have not realised it but you made my day. i am glad i got to spend that last night with you, to see you haveing a great time,  its just sad  to realise that was the last chance i had to spend with you. take care moo were ever you are, hopfuly ill see you one day soon, love from carl.

Message from Kristin Froude - Past Best Friend


A year has passed us by so fast, a year that I shouldn't have let happen. There wasn't a day I didn't think about calling you, but I know we were both as stubborn as each other.

For 3-4 years you were my best friend.. whereever you were I was and vice versa. We grew together, we overcame some challenging times together. We were part of the boys.
I have so many memories I want to share but I know I wouldn't be able to write it all down.

You were so special to me, every day I have been thinking about what if, what if.. but I know that won't get me or you anywhere. To me, you will always be in me heart. I will never forget you and our friendship, you were my rock and support. (shopping buddy)

I will cherish every memory I have with you and our road trips. most of all I will cherish the friendship we had and always love you for that.

I wuff you moo

aka: Kissy

Message from Dawn Reid - Family friend

Melissa, what great memories we have of you, memories which we will treasure forever. I can still see you dancing across the stage in your wonderful outfits, I see you coming up the drive with Gabrielle, and leaving your bike parked in such a way that no-one else could get through the gateway, the little cookups of 2 minute noodles, The fun times that were had by you and Gabrielle. Birthday parties, sleepovers, I can still see you in your pjs, and biggg fluffy slippers... Stopping on the way to Asburton for comps, and requesting mum to stop at a shop, as you were hungry and desperately wanting your mince pie.. Your laugh was infectious, and you always had a smile, that would melt anybody's heart..and eventually you got what you wanted. You were always polite, and we always enjoyed your visits. There are so many memories, and we will never forget, we will always treasure those, and best of all we have those, special and wonderful memories, on videos and in photos. You will never know how much people thought of you, you will be greatly missed, and loved a lifetime.x0x0x

Message from Virginia &Greg Sullivan/Blake - Friend & neighbour

Melissa, your time here on earth was short. You were sent by the angels above to show us how to love. What a legacy you have left, For every heart you have touched! God has called you home and we are left alone. But when we look above, it is plain to see...you are the brightest star of all shining your light on everyone. We will hold you in our hearts with much love and affection for ever more.

Message from Gabrielle Reid - Childhood Friend

Wow, it's been a crazy week, I still can't believe you've gone.  Seeing you on Tuesday was amazing, you looked beautiful...absolutely.  I have so many memories that have come back to me over the past week.... all those drives to Ashburton for dancing comps, the birthday parties and the two minute noodles.  I'm sure I'll remember more and every time I think of another, I'll smile happy to know that I was able to spend so much time with you whilst growing up.  You are so beautiful, Rest In Peace Missy.

Love and fairy kisses
Gabrielle xxx 

Message from Rachael Plummer - Close Friend

Moo Moo,

I still cannot imagine my life without you. You were the one who made me feel so welcomed into the "Southie" group. You were always full of smiles with your bright beautiful green eyes full of expression. I am going to miss all the times at the 3 baches - Tairua, Whanga & P.C. You were such an intricate part of my life and I am going to miss you more than you could imagine.

You had such a vivacious appetite for life and the people around you. I think the memory that is fixed in my mind is of you with your cell phone in one hand (definitely the fastest texter I have ever met without using predictive) a glass of lindauer in the other and your hand bag slung over your shoulder with your paparazzi camera inside ready for action. I have never met anyone with as many photos of themselves in them, this just showed us how many people you have touched throughout your life.

I will always miss you and you have left a big hole in my heart that will never be replaced by any other. Love Always

Dot. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Message from Hayley Anderson - Best Friend

They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them. She is going to leave a really big gap in my heart, but I'm so lucky that it is going to be filled with all the unforgettable memories we shared.

Moo I love you.

Message from Dean Viall - Brother

This is the speech I made at the funeral of my sister, Melissa. I hope the event was up to her high standards of organisation and was as enjoyable as she made every gathering of people;



Moo, Mis Moo, Missy, Moo moo, Missy Moo, Chocomulu, Missy Two Shoes, and Melissa Joy.

Names everybody knows and a voice that has never been mistaken for another.


The persona of “moo branding” took on a life form of its own when the cow themed accessories started coming into play.


First the seat covers in the old laser and then little cow figures finding their way into gift parcels. . photo frames, slippers, toys.  


Nobody had any control over this, least of all Moo, and before we knew it was a registered trademark with a patent pending.


Handbags, shoes, phones… man, could that girl accessorize!


She always liked to be an organizer: 

 When she was a toddler I remember her constantly telling us how we should be doing things: when, where, what to bring… “make sure you pack my milk and nappies mum” … that sort of thing.


And she always had to know what was going on with everyone in the household, especially about a phone call mum would be on, from fear of missing out on an important piece of  information - no matter how irrelevant it would have been to a 5 year old.

This talent grew more efficient over time, until it got to a stage where she was involved in at least 30 people's daily agenda.




When it comes to sibling relationships, love doesn’t always manifest itself clearly on the outside. 

Moo and I didn’t really share our everyday concerns with each other.   But when it came to the big stuff she turned to me, as her big brother, for comfort and advice every time.



Moo, you were a worthy opponent at times, but the immense love you radiated filled a vital piece of my heart.



A brief candle; both ends burning
A camera flash and a head turning

A friend to share the harder times
A big hug; a glass of wine

Let's say it loud and let it ring
You are a part of everything

The future, present and the past
Our love for you will always last





Goodbye Moo, seyoou

Message from wayne penu and family - cousin

Gosh we still can't believe you have gone. Family gatherings will never be the same without you, that laugh, smile and the warm feeling you brought to the room when you entered will be sorely missed by us and our children. You will always be in our hearts.

RIP cuzzy Luv Wayne Tracey Dana Tanishia Leyton and Kellie.

Message from Jaimee Marquet - Friends through Chez & Louisa Viall


You were an amazing, beautiful, bright, warm, welcoming, lovely person. You were loved by so many and have touched so many people in many different ways.

I won't forget the way you welcomed me when I first met you at the Twin's House. You made me feel like part of the family straight away.
Nor will I forget the laughter and giggles we shared in that time.

You will be truly missed.

Rest In Peace

Jaimee xxx

Message from Samantha Flavell - Cousin

Missy was like my big sister, she was always there for us and she absolutely adored my little brother. We nicknamed her Miss Missy Moo Cow. I'm going to miss not having her around and seeing her smile and laugh... her smile and personality will never be forgotten.
Missy, I love you and I miss you.

Love Sam xox.

Message from Kelsey Flavell - Cousins

Melissa aka Missy will always be in my heart, The memories will never be forgotten, and I will always remember her beautiful smile. I will never forget the last time I saw her. She took me out for a driving lesson and we had a good laugh at my stalling and bunny hopping. I will miss her and love her for ever.


Message from Jan T & family -

I want to record my heartfelt sympathy to the Viall family and wish you all the strength you could ever have over the coming weeks. As a mother of six myself I just cannot imagine what you must all be going through and I hope it is a comfort for you to know that many of us here in Pakuranga are just gob smacked at what has happened. Thinking of you.


This memorial was created by
Dean Viall
on 09/10/2006

Brief Tributes to

Tribute placed by
Rachael Plummer
on 27/09/2007:

Moo Moo I still miss you so much. Love always Dot xoxox

Tribute placed by
Tina Linda Crann Eagleton
on 08/11/2006:

Miss you Melissa. Hope u r lookin afta all da kids up there & organising every1. love ya

Tribute placed by
stiffney's (stef) spurr
on 05/11/2006:

stiffney's will always love you moo! xxxx

Tribute placed by
Hayley Anderson
on 28/10/2006:

I luf you moo and I miss you. Bestfriends 4eva

Tribute placed by
Kayla McVeigh
on 20/10/2006:

Miss you lots Missy, always in my heart! I wish you could have met Aidan, you would have loved him!

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