A tribute to Amy Courtney Sprigings (1994 - 2006)
  Amy Courtney Sprigings
  1994 - 2006
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Message from Donna Lloyd - friend
Graduation November 2012 - thinking of you, mum, dad and Matthew

Message from Meghan Scarrow - friend

Amy its been 4yrs and i still think about you when im lonely or when i see a photo of you. you were such a good friend and i will never forget you or your amazing smile. i wish i had gotten to know you more.

i love you and will never forget you.                                                                                  lots of love meghan

Message from stacey wheeler - friend
amy, i still miss you, your always in my heart, i still cant believe what happened, love you always.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Message from Heidi Megchelse - Close Friend
Its been nearly three years since you've gone, and each day of those nearly three years you've crossed my mind. I still really miss you and often find myself thinking of you. You come up in convosation and sometimes in my dreams. Its hard to think I wont see you again at least not in this world but I know someones watching over me now. Heidi.

Message from kimberly amrein - friend
Amy, i am missing you so much everything that you liked doing i think about you like netball and volleyball.I miss a really good classmates.all the memories we had together they are with me foerver.I love you to pieces.R.I.P amy love kimberly

Message from Rosalie Sprigings - Mother

Remember Me


Remember me when roses bloom

And spring returns again

For I am ever present in your midst

In the dawn and in the wind


You mustn't think I'd gone away

For good - Instead remember me

The way I was in better days

The way it used to be


Remember me as I am now

Alive, at peace and free

There is no place for sorrows past

Is just a lost memory


For life derives it's purest joy

In living day to day

Follow what I've taught you

And REMEMBER ME, this way

Message from beth scarrow -

Amy, i miss you so much sweetie and even though it's almost been two years i still can't believe you've gone. You were a fabulous friend and i'll always remember all our funny times together at pahoia primary. miss you heaps.

love you forever amy from beth xxx000xxx

Message from stacey wheeler - a friend
your a good friend dat i will never forget and a good netball player i will miss u very much love stacey wheeler

Message from stacey wheeler - a friend
amy you were a very good friend and a very good netball player i know you were shy and i was the same and we had the same miggle name ( courtney ) miss you heaps love stacey wheeler

Message from Arundhati Bhardwaj - Friend

xoxox AMY xoxox

How I wish you were here right now?

You were a great friend in deed,an amazing buddie.

Our time together was really fun and netball was a blast with you.

We both loved pink and I still do.

 xoxoxox Love you Amy xoxoxox

Message from natalie saunders -


I didn't know you very well but i got to know you a little bit better throughout the year. I do remember seeing you at volleyball, and it was the first time i had talked to you.

i will miss you.

Message from jo jackson - friends
we miss you Amy and we always love you.It's not the same without you xxx! love mojo

Message from Kelly, Donna, Shannon L -

If you could see me now,

I'm walking streets of gold.

If you could see me now,

I'm standing tall and whole.

If you could see me now,

You'd now I've seen his face.

If you could see me now...

(Kim Noblitt)

Our calendars tell us a year has gone and so with it time but our memories, thoughts and prayers always stay with us.

I wish you could have heard our drumming and our choir singing at our prizegiving.  You would have loved it.  Miss you.  Kelly.


Message from Heidi Megchelse - Friends forever


I remember all the good times we had together, especially playing with Bob the Ballberian and Fred the stick at lunchtimes, also volleyball on Fridays and I wish there was more. We had a strong friendship that will last forever. After a year, I still miss you sooo much and will luv you no matter what.

Love from Heidi.

Message from Georgie Tutt - friend
Today would have been your 13th birthday, seems quite strange that you will never grow old. Actually, in my memory, I often remember you as a 4 year old playing with Melanie at Playcentre and wearing that black T-shirt with a sheep on it.

Message from stephanie martelli - i miss you
Thanks for being such a great friend i miss you love stephanie

Message from Stacey Wheeler - Friend


i miss you very much and i will never for get you

i wish you had a few more moments at school to say good bye

love you lots     stacey


Message from Rosalie Sprigings - Mother

For Those I Love and Those Who Love Me

When I am gone, release me, let me go

I have so many things to see and do

You mustn't tie yourself to me with tears

Be thankful for our beautiful years

I gave you my love - You can only guess

How much you gave to me in happiness

But it's time I travelled alone.


So grieve a while for me, if grieve you must,

Then let your grief be comforted by trust

It's only for a time we must part

So bless the memories within you heart.

I won't be far away, for life goes on

So if you need me, call and I will come.


Though you can't see or touch me, I'll be near

And if you listen with your heart, you'll hear

All my love around you, soft and clear.

And then, when you must come this way alone,

I'll greet you with a smile and say -

"Welcome Home"!


Author Unknown

Read at the service by: Kirstie Allan & supported by Sophie Allan

and Erin Parker (Cousins)


Message from Hayley Sherriff - Close Friend
To Amy Thanks for being such a great friend and science lab partener.{that was a laugh} You will always be remember as you were just coming out of your shell! you will always be in my heart XOXO HAILZ

Message from Lauren Morton-hay - Close Friend
Amy you are a friend i cannot forget i wish i could speand a few more minutes with you just to say good bye without you im lost. i dont have anyone to walk around with and laugh at small things Amy you will always be in my heart XOXOXOX

Message from Arundhati Bhardwaj - friend

Dear Amy

You where an great friend to me and you where so nice to me.                                                     I wish so much and I wish that you where still here.                                                               You where a great netball player and a great volly bal player.

            xoxoxo Arundhati xoxoxox             

Message from Dihi and Squid Sista's - Good Friends

Dear Amy,

Thanx for being a honest and awesome friend to the telemos, Mell Bell, Fred and Bob, all to whom miss you very much.

We all wish we could have just one more minute with you to say good bye properly.

Goodbye to a very, Very special friend, who we will remember forever on in our hearts XOXOXOXO

Message from Isabeau Hair - Friend


You were a great friend to me. You helped me fit into school and  thank-you from the bottom of my heart for that. I will miss you loads and i wish i had had a chance to know you better.

   Your friend 

 oxoxoxo   Izzi   oxoxoxo

Message from Susan, Elizabeth, Joanne & Kathryn Sprigings - Aunties



How special you were when you were born, a new little Sprigings girl like us. We think of your secret smile and your gentle caring way. Your love of babies and baby dolls and the way you looked after them. The way you looked after your younger cousins, particularly on our camping holidays.


Your cousins remember playing games in the tents when it rained, eating popcorn and of course boogie boarding, in the deeper water with the big kids. They think of playing in your playhouse at Esdaile Rd and then visiting Amy’s House at Rea Rd, sharing songs on the keyboard, reading and enjoying books, playing with your pets and all the girl fun they had together.


Being together for our Christmas’s and family gatherings are special memories we won’t ever forget.


Thank you for being you – we love you.

Message from Kirsty & Alistair Tod -

Rosalie - you spoke with Kirsty a while ago about our Zoe's illness which is similar to Amy's when she was younger. Even though we never met her, we have often thought of Amy as an inspiration. We will always remember her knowing that the strength she had to get through her illness will give us strength and hope in the future.  Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with you both and if there is anything we can do to aid the healing, then we will do it - just call. Lots of Love - all the Tods.

Message from Monique Shea - Friend

Amy you were a great friend. You helped me out with lots. Thanks for always being there for me I'll miss you heaps and it's sad to see you go.

Love from your friend Monique.

Message from Kimberly Amrein - Friend
Amy you were a cool friend to me and I will miss you heaps.  I will never forget all the good times we had together during our first year at college.   Lots of love from your friend Kimberly.


This memorial was created by
Matthew & Rosalie Sprigings
on 07/01/2007

Brief Tributes to

Tribute placed by
Key Family
on 31/07/2010:

Remembering you today. Love you always. Joanne, Malcolm, Vincent, Zoe

Tribute placed by
Arundhati Bhardwaj
on 22/04/2008:

Amy How I wish you were to see all of us right now. Love you Amy Love Arundhati.B!!!

Tribute placed by
Joanne Malcolm Vincent Zoe Key
on 11/01/2008:

Missing you and thinking about you every day.

Tribute placed by
Izzi Hair
on 11/07/2007:

I will never forget you. Our class is not the same any more.

Tribute placed by
stacey wheeler
on 30/06/2007:

i will never for get you love stacey

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