A tribute to Margaret Joan Stones (1943 - 2005)
  Margaret Joan Stones
  1943 - 2005
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Margaret's Photo Gallery
Margaret with some of her grandchildren
The Family
Mum with her Aunts and Cousins
Some of the Grandkids
Bruce and Mum
Mum's first year
Mum and Best Friend Pat Reid at Mum's 60th, the day before she was officially diagnosed with Motor Neurone
Mum and Che
Mum and Dads wedding
Mum and dad getting ready for Mark and Che's Wedding
from Left: Bruce, Grandma Collins, Gerald , Granddad Collins, Michael, Margaret, Pat
Margaret with Che's Mum Gloria
Margaret with brother Bruce!
With family dog Nip at the Bach in Orewa!

This memorial was created by
Catherine Barclay
on 20/01/2006

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Tribute placed by
Megan Jenkins
on 21/05/2006:

You have done your purgatory here on earth & have been such an example of hope & faith to us all.

Tribute placed by
David & Lynn Stones
on 21/05/2006:

Send our love and support over this time. Margaret's bubbly laugh will always stay in our memory.

Tribute placed by
Pauline and Kevin
on 21/05/2006:

We are so sorry to hear of your loss, thinking of you all at this sad time.

Tribute placed by
Niquita and Shane
on 21/05/2006:

We read your news with great sorrow for you. Margaret was a special woman.

Tribute placed by
Margaret & David Stark
on 21/05/2006:

We have you all in our prayers. Love & blessings.

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