A tribute to Logan John TeMaaha Bennett (1986 - 2004)
  Logan John TeMaaha Bennett
  1986 - 2004
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Pukana Logan Warren,Koops and Travis.Y/Mens camp 2003
my mama and I

This memorial was created by
Moana Bennett
on 22/02/2006

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Tribute placed by
its me your mama pokere
on 27/12/2008:

Another christmas my babe,another year has passed, and still i miss you dearly

Tribute placed by
moana Pokere
on 23/02/2008:

My beautiful boy,I love you, I love you, I love you.Always your mama

Tribute placed by
Lavinia McGee-Repia
on 19/07/2006:

Families are forever and this is what keeps us going. Miss you. Luv Sis McGee-Repia

Tribute placed by
leeana (narnie) pokere
on 26/03/2006:

Miss and will always love you my brother and friend ..*narn*..

Tribute placed by
Moana Pokere
on 25/02/2006:

Hey Logz whazz up,we miss you every day,you will always be my Stealth Maori.Love da mama

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