A tribute to Melissa Joy Viall (1983 - 2006)
  Melissa Joy Viall
  1983 - 2006
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Melissa's Legacy
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This memorial was created by
Dean Viall
on 09/10/2006

Brief Tributes to

Tribute placed by
Rachael Plummer
on 27/09/2007:

Moo Moo I still miss you so much. Love always Dot xoxox

Tribute placed by
Tina Linda Crann Eagleton
on 08/11/2006:

Miss you Melissa. Hope u r lookin afta all da kids up there & organising every1. love ya

Tribute placed by
stiffney's (stef) spurr
on 05/11/2006:

stiffney's will always love you moo! xxxx

Tribute placed by
Hayley Anderson
on 28/10/2006:

I luf you moo and I miss you. Bestfriends 4eva

Tribute placed by
Kayla McVeigh
on 20/10/2006:

Miss you lots Missy, always in my heart! I wish you could have met Aidan, you would have loved him!

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