A tribute to Christopher (Chris) Brian William Sprigings (1963 - 2007)
  Christopher (Chris) Brian William Sprigings
  1963 - 2007
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Christopher 's Legacy
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This memorial was created by
Matthew Sprigings
on 07/01/2007

Brief Tributes to

Tribute placed by
MARY White (Anderson)
on 08/09/2011:

I thought I would look you up but found you here!! :( . thanks for the fun memories at PaP High xx

Tribute placed by
Mohammad Hajifathaliha
on 16/01/2009:

Hi Chris I have missed you a lot man Rest in peace my friend

Tribute placed by
Joanne Key
on 04/01/2009:

Remembering you today Love you always Joanne

Tribute placed by
Dinesh & Tharangi Dias
on 02/01/2008:

Rosalie & Matthew, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tribute placed by
Donna, Kelly and Shannon Lloyd
on 27/10/2007:

Rosalie and Matthew, thinking of you today

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