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Terms of Use

YOU are permitted to use this website only for the purpose for which it is intended. You may enter information for that same purpose only. The purpose of this website (and its intention) is to record the fact of, preserve the memory of, and pay tribute to New Zealanders who are legally dead. Users authorised to enter information for public viewing are descendants and friends of deceased New Zealanders.
Such ``authorised users’’ give the owners and operators of this website unqualified permission to delete, amend or otherwise deal with offensive material. ``Offensive’’ is agreed as being any material that in the opinion of the ``owners and operators’’ may give offence to a fair-minded person.
The ``owners and operators’’ are permitted to display on the website material they see fit for the purposes of promotion and may from time to time communicate with ``authorised users’’ by way of newsletters and the like.

``Authorised users’’ agree that memorial managers are permitted to delete, amend or otherwise deal with any material appearing on a memorial they manage. ``Memorial managers’’ are a person or persons nominated by an ``authorised user’’ to manage the site of a deceased person or persons.

Further to the stated ``purpose (and intention)’’ as above it is the intention of the ``owners and operators’’ to retain memorial sites for display in perpetuity where it is within their powers.

Parents or guardians are warned that some of the material contained in this site could be sensitive to younger readers and discretion is advised.
All users are bound by the publishing laws of New Zealand. Where a user (or users) has broken the terms of this agreement or the publishing laws of New Zealand through any use of this site, such user or users will take full responsibility for their actions; and no liability whatsoever for unauthorised or unlawful use will be accepted by the ``owners and operators’’ who retain the right to delete any offending memorial.



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