A tribute to Billy T James (1948 - 1991)
  Billy T James
  1948 - 1991
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Always in our hearts

This memorial site was created in memory of Willam James Taitoko, who was born in 1948 and died on August 7, 1991.

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If you don't know this guy, buy his book: The Billy T. James Real Hard-Case Book.

So little is written about him on the Internet that Remembering felt it just had to revive his memory.

``Dad, what's GST mean?''      ``Same as IOU.''

That kind of humour enchanted baby-boomers Downunder through the 80s as the warm-hearted, black singlet, yellow towel-wearing, chuckling Billy T became loved as the bro who knew a thing or two about life. He took a heart transplant in 1988, succumbed to a heart attack in 1991 and, had he lived today, would have blown away Politically Correct as Pure Crap.

If you don't believe it, who would get on television today with: '`I'm half-Mâori and half-Scottish: one half of me wants to get pissed and the other half doesn't want to pay for it.'

Billy T changed his name so Australians could pronounce it. Upped The Establishment in everything he said and sketched but especially in gigs like Turangi Vice, in which the vice squad busied itself catching trout poachers.

He lampooned Entertainment This Week with an hilarious gig Entertainment That's Weak; and survived till his death as a household name despite TVNZ dropping his show in the mid-80s because it cost too much to produce.

There must be thousands of you out there who remember Billy T. Share a tribute, if you will.

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Message from kevin hall - fan
hi my names kevin hall im from Wanganui im all so on face book where I have posted a cartoon drawing of billy t james that I did im trying to bring back billy t through cartoons its remembering to keep our comedin alive so am looking for help to bring back bi lly t james back on tv through cartoon if you know any one that could me do this it would be great to see him a live againg even its done in cartoon I don't have phone number but you coud post a letter to me at 6 eastown road Wanganui many thanks hopeing to here from yous take care k r hall

Message from Alex Baker - Fan
Billy, may your Legacy Live on, in all Us Tanga te Whenua. You truly were a huge Inspiration to Us all. Your Light will never go dim and so won't all the grand Memories we have of You. Rest in Peace, forever more. KA Pai.

Message from Malcolm Hills - Fan
You will always be remembered as a true Kiwis and we all miss you, your memory will always live on cussie bro

Message from hdmgh sdfhbd - zdfbh
you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message from Janet Litt - huge fan
I am reading the book " The Life and Times of Billy T. James ' by Matt Elliott, and am loving it. Lots of names in it that we once knew. I wish we could have more on TV of Billy T. What a huge and rich talent he had. So many "strings to his bow". I can't really think of a more versatile performer. We did see him live at Pips in Whangarei--so long ago--and we still remember it well. What a stunning entertainer. He was amazing,and I have loved his TV shows. He saw life from all perspectives and gave us so much to laugh at. There is a big void in real humour today. Bring back some of Billy T. to TV.

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Tribute placed by
on 14/07/2011:


Tribute placed by
Kay Bushnell
on 22/03/2011:

Billy, you put life in perspective and gave us joy! Forever tops! Thank you.

Tribute placed by
jonte hullena
on 17/11/2009:

billy though i didnt get to meet you hope u love it up in heaven and keep blasting thouse crouds

Tribute placed by
allie tairua
on 21/09/2009:

shot ghee dis world probly wudnt be da same without uh bein a comedian

Tribute placed by
k waaka
on 24/08/2009:

hey I'm half Maori and half Scottish too....here is a star candle for a star

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