A tribute to Lois Dear (1940 - 2006)
  Lois Dear
  1940 - 2006
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Always in our hearts

This memorial site was created in memory of Tokoroa teacher, Lois Dear, who died tragically on July 16, 2006 at the age of 66.

This memorial has been established to enable residents of Tokoroa and the wider community,  to share their grief and pay their respects to a much loved member of the community.

This is a permanent memorial and all comments made here will be archived forever.

We invite you to express your sympathy and support to Lois's family, workmates, friends and all who are suffering through this difficult time.

A teacher who taught a nation

The tragic loss of a dedicated teacher has left a big hole in the heart of a warm and vibrant community.

Lois Dear, a new entrant teacher at Tokoroa's Strathmore Primary School, was found dead in her classroom last Sunday as she and others prepared for the start of a new school term.

This was a person who, after a long and dedicated teaching career, surely deserved to eventually pass peacefuly from this life amidst the comfort and care of her family and friends.

Lois Dear had been a teacher since she left high school and students and family were her priorities.

"She was just absolutely loved and respected by all," fellow teacher, Ngaire Taikato, said.

Lois Dear's teaching style was "old school - very strict, but at the same time very kind and very diligent".

Relieving teacher Anna Barrett, said Ms Dear's pupils were very accustomed to a set routine and would protest if her pattern wasn't followed.

Lois Dear was totally dedicated to children and will long be remembered as the teacher who made a nation think about safety in our schools.


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Message from Jarrad Mcneil - Grandson
Hi nana,10 long years have passed in which you should still be here celebrating the lives of our family.i now have 2 beautiful children Angus Patrick McNeil and ruby Lois McNeil that are 4 years old.wouldve loved for you to meet them and it still brakes my heart your not here.its hard to put it in words but your always on my mind and il be forever reminding myself and children what a beautiful nana you were.ur never forgotten and I hope you are resting in peace watching down on us.love you lots and take care up there xxxx

Message from Harley Dear - Brother
Lois, we often think about you and wish you were still among us living to share special memories.

Message from Cody McNeil - Grandson
I miss my nana. Its been years and ive never really said anything or spoken about it. I didnt spend the longest time with her but the memories I have fullfill that. I was young when she was taken from this cruel vindictive world and although I never really got to mourn when she was taken its always been there and as ive become older ive learnt more and remember some of the amazing times I had with her like being taught to swing on a swing with my cousin. Or just staying at hers. I just want to say I miss nana moon or nana lolo and I wish people wernt so stuffed up and have to cut peoples lives short because they never know who its going to affect. Cody McNeil

Message from Harley Dear - brother
Lois you are still fresh in our memories and miss your presence. Your brother Harley

Message from Harley Dear - brother
Lois you are still fresh in our memories and miss your presence. Your brother Harley

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Tribute placed by
Judy Macdonald
on 16/07/2011:

5 Years have passed but the memories of you are as bright as ever. Loving thoughts to all your family from Judy

Tribute placed by
Jan Armstrong
on 31/01/2008:

Hi Mum - Is now 2008 - 18 mths passed. Love and miss you

Tribute placed by
Jan Armstrong
on 09/09/2007:

Spring is here - Yahoo.Think of you always. Kids all growing up fast. Luv Jan

Tribute placed by
Paulette Newman
on 16/07/2007:

To Jan,Graham,Kev,Lizzie and kids, Thinking of you today with all my heart, Kia Kaha !! Love you xx

Tribute placed by
Judy Macdonald
on 16/07/2007:

Thinking of you Lois. I know your strength & courage will bless your family today. Love, Judy

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