A tribute to Christopher (Chris) Brian William Sprigings (1963 - 2007)
  Christopher (Chris) Brian William Sprigings
  1963 - 2007
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Forever in our hearts

This memorial site was created in memory of, Christopher Sprigings, who was born on 27 October 1963 and died on 4 January 2007.

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Message from Dale Young - Schoolmate
Incredibly shocked to hear of Chris' passing. Chris and his family were incredibly kind to me and Chris was a good mate, I think I went to the Sprigings' house most days after school. I often think of him and the great jokes we shared.

Message from nicole bond - 1st true love

Oh My..

I was on here paying respects to a friend when I saw Chris's name, and I thought no it can't be.  But sadly it was. Chris was my first true love, but at 16  and just starting out, life was a challenge and we both had things to achieve. We had lots of fun and it was always a laugh watching Chris climb in and out of the escort with him being so tall. I was looking at the photo gallery and the 21st picture with him and the family made me cry, I was there and he wanted me in that photo but I was too nervous and shy,so I spent that time in the kitchen hiding. I am so pleased that he went on to marry and have 2 lovely children as short as it may have been. His wife and son have so many memories of a lovely man, friend, husband and father. I wish you all the best.

nicole bond

Message from David Drummond - Workmate

I came across this sad news when reading through Old Friends.

I met Chris at Sanyo and still remember his influence on all of us 'younger' apprentices.  Chris certainly made working there fun and interesting, and as mentioned previously he was always taking things to the extreme at times.  I remember the time (and still laugh) when he replaced one of the light bulbs in a car radio I was to test with a match bomb.  The noise, flames and Chris's explanation to K Nash that a capacitor was reversed as I sat there with my still smouldering T-shirt and ringing ears.....

I also remember Chris's determination to buy a commodore and how he managed to save and buy this new GM product while most of us were still driving around in old cortinas.

RIP Chris, Im sure we all have our own private thoughts and moments of your influence in our lives.

Message from Cherie Brass - School friend

Gosh ...

I came across this tonight, after checking into the Old Friends site.

I knew Chris from Papatoetoe High School days. They were some of the best days of my life - filled with memories of mostly happy times and great mates.

Although I think we all get caught up in 'life', relationships and putting our 'roots' down in various places ... we all have a 'soft spot' for memories made earlier in our lives. For me - it was at High School and when I remember Chris .. I remember him being SO TALL with a sparkle in his eye, cheeky and always up for a bit of mischief!

I too, had a very wise and lovely old Nana ... who always told us that death was never the 'end', but the beginning of the next chapter. Both my Nanas reached 100 + years and have never 'left', they're in my laughter & tears, my successes & failures - just a thought away.

Even so ... its' never easy at all and the tragic loss of a daughter as well is so saddening!

My thoughts, love and well wishes to all Chris's family. I hope in time, your full & treasured memories of their lives will be thought of - instead of the tragic day they left.

Hugs to all,


Message from Rosalie Sprigings - Wife



Remember the laughs

Remember the smiles

Remember the times we had for a while

Remember the good

Remember the bad

Remember the love that we once had

Remember with a smile

Remember with a tear

Remember the times you held me in fear

Remember the kisses

Remember the hugs

Whatever you do, don't forget US

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Tribute placed by
MARY White (Anderson)
on 08/09/2011:

I thought I would look you up but found you here!! :( . thanks for the fun memories at PaP High xx

Tribute placed by
Mohammad Hajifathaliha
on 16/01/2009:

Hi Chris I have missed you a lot man Rest in peace my friend

Tribute placed by
Joanne Key
on 04/01/2009:

Remembering you today Love you always Joanne

Tribute placed by
Dinesh & Tharangi Dias
on 02/01/2008:

Rosalie & Matthew, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tribute placed by
Donna, Kelly and Shannon Lloyd
on 27/10/2007:

Rosalie and Matthew, thinking of you today

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