A tribute to Amy Courtney Sprigings (1994 - 2006)
  Amy Courtney Sprigings
  1994 - 2006
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Forever in our hearts

This memorial site was created in memory of, Amy Sprigings, who was born on 31 July 1994 and died on 24 December 2006.

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Message from Donna Lloyd - friend
Graduation November 2012 - thinking of you, mum, dad and Matthew

Message from Meghan Scarrow - friend

Amy its been 4yrs and i still think about you when im lonely or when i see a photo of you. you were such a good friend and i will never forget you or your amazing smile. i wish i had gotten to know you more.

i love you and will never forget you.                                                                                  lots of love meghan

Message from stacey wheeler - friend
amy, i still miss you, your always in my heart, i still cant believe what happened, love you always.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Message from Heidi Megchelse - Close Friend
Its been nearly three years since you've gone, and each day of those nearly three years you've crossed my mind. I still really miss you and often find myself thinking of you. You come up in convosation and sometimes in my dreams. Its hard to think I wont see you again at least not in this world but I know someones watching over me now. Heidi.

Message from kimberly amrein - friend
Amy, i am missing you so much everything that you liked doing i think about you like netball and volleyball.I miss a really good classmates.all the memories we had together they are with me foerver.I love you to pieces.R.I.P amy love kimberly

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Brief Tributes to

Tribute placed by
Key Family
on 31/07/2010:

Remembering you today. Love you always. Joanne, Malcolm, Vincent, Zoe

Tribute placed by
Arundhati Bhardwaj
on 22/04/2008:

Amy How I wish you were to see all of us right now. Love you Amy Love Arundhati.B!!!

Tribute placed by
Joanne Malcolm Vincent Zoe Key
on 11/01/2008:

Missing you and thinking about you every day.

Tribute placed by
Izzi Hair
on 11/07/2007:

I will never forget you. Our class is not the same any more.

Tribute placed by
stacey wheeler
on 30/06/2007:

i will never for get you love stacey

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