A tribute to Donald (Don) Selwyn (1936 - 2007)
  Donald (Don) Selwyn
  1936 - 2007
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Out out brief candle

A man who will forever cast on long shadow on the development of the Maori film industry in New Zealand finished his final scene in North Shore hospital this afternoon.

After a bout of illness,actor, mentor and verteran film maker Don Selwyn, died leaving a huge legacy to a wealth of young talent he has nurtured over the years. He was 71.
In a statement earlier today, Bob Harvey,a long-time friend and Mayor of Waiatakere City said ...
“Don was a wonderful character actor- in fact one of this country’s finest. In later years he took to directing and producing and delivered some of New Zealand’s most memorable projects.”
“He was a mentor and inspiration for a generation of young Maori performers. He pioneered the way for the likes of (actors) Cliff Curtis and Temuera Morrison and I know that he took real pride in seeing young Maori take their culture onto the stage and screen.”
Don Selwyn lived in Massey, in Waitakere City, and in recent years performed with young musicians and performers at the Going West Literary Festival and at other local venues and events.
“Don was central to this City’s Maori Creative Strategy which is still being developed and I am truly sad that he will not see that project through to the end,” says Mayor Harvey.
“Not only Maori, but New Zealand as a whole has today lost a great man.”

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Message from Jo Nelson - Niece

A Great Man....

A Talented Man....

A Gifted Man....

A Loved Man....

A Legend....

Luv u & miss u heapz uncle...Mmmmwah!

Message from Ata Selwyn - Daughter

Love you dad,
We'll miss you loads <3


Message from Hone Selwyn - Son

Haere ki te moe papa you showed me tha path I had to take and now its time for me to carry on tha mahi you have left for me I love you dad and ill never forget what you said to me tha day before you died ma te wa papa, ma te wa.

Message from Jeff Bear - Acquaintance
Kia Ora brothers and sisters of Maoridom I first met Don on a breezy summer day at Outback Studios in Auckland where we had been invited by the illustrious film director Barry Barclay to witness a meeting between the two. They were in the midst of editing the Kiapara Affair. My wife, Marianne Jones and I were immediately enthralled by Mr Don Selwyn who had an aura of charm and mystery. His gaze was one I had seen in only in the most intelligent human beings I have ever met. His smile was a warm blanket. He invited us to visit him at his office building on Williamson Avenue. When we arrived there two days later we were taken and moved by both the formality and hospitality with which we were greeted. A visit, a prayer and a meal. Then down to business. We talked for hours, some of which I was fortunatre enough to have recorded as part of a documentary series we have been working on. Don regailed us with his substantial views about the indigenous voice in cinema and television. We are honored and blessed to have known the great Maestro of Moari cinema. What the world has lost may well be what the spirit world gains. I wonder if he and Shakespeare are now exhanging notes about the Merchant of Venice? Jeff Bear First Nations - Maliseet in Canada

Message from Peter Barclay - a brief shadow

In the twinkle of an eye

There are some you meet who, in an instant, seem to convey a feeling that means more than the moment. For me Don Selwyn was of these people. I only ever came across him in brief moments when introduced as the younger sibling of a brother who has dedicated himself to same industry. Somehow those moments were special and will always remain with me. Perhaps that's the measure of the man. But maybe this is too simiple a sumation - as the old bard himself would put it ... "I dote on his very absence." Behind his warm, gently smile and a cordial handshake lay a man who broke many barriers, forged new paths for others to follow and was surely driven by a warrior spirit.

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