A tribute to Sir Brian Gerald Barratt-Boyes (1924 - 2006)
  Sir Brian Gerald Barratt-Boyes
  1924 - 2006
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Always in our hearts

This memorial site was created in memory of, Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes, who was born on January 13, 1924 and died on March 8, 2006.

Pioneering heart surgeon Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes is now at rest. He died today while undergoing a heart valve operation in the United States.

Sir Brian has long been recognised as one of our Kiwi Greats. He and his medical team at Auckland's Greenlane Hospital achieved international acclaim for the work they did. In the course of this he earned the utmost respect of his collegues and the love and grattitude of his patients.

Sir Brian was recognised as a man with a strong single focus on the goals he set, a personality trait recognised by Christiaan Barnard in the introduction given by him to Barratt-Boyes' 1986 biography "From the Heart". Barnard said:

"I had the privilege of meeting Sir Brian at Green Lane Hospital in Auckland where his surgical unit had achieved an international reputation. What struck me was his single-mindedness - a clear-sighted striving towards a goal and a vision.

"Little wonder that he refused to suffer bureaucratic limitations on his work and plans. Having gone down that same road, I can identify strongly with his epic fights with bureaucracy for a better deal for his unit and an improved health service for his country.

"Fame he had, fortune he spurned - turning down lucrative overseas offers and preferring instead to stay with the team he had built up and the country of his birth."

Sir Brian made history by developing techniques to replace defective heart valves, which attracted immense overseas attention and brought many patients to New Zealand. He also found new ways to treat babies born with heart defects.

He held the post of Head of the hospital's Heart Surgery Unit for almost a quarter of a century and was Knighted at the age of 47 for his outstanding contribution.

Only last year Sir Brian received a Distinguished Alumini Award from the Mayo Clinic in the United States. The award acknowledges and shows appreciation for the national and international contributions and accomplishments made to the field of medicine in medical practice, education and research.

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Message from Tracey McKenzie - Patient
What an amazing man -these tributes will be a fraction lives he touched. I had my first surgery in 1968 aged 18 months to repair my Aortic Valve (I was born with Aortic Stenonis and Mitral Incompetance. I met a doctor in England in 1989 who had trained under Sir Bsrrett-Boyes and I attended that doctors training classes at Brompton Heart Hosptial as an example of Sir Brians amazing work. I have three healthy children and have had two subsequent heart operations. A very talented man.

Message from Tania Nelson - Patient
In 1973 Sir Brian saved my life.  I was only 4 months old and was fortunate enough to be operated on by the best heart surgeon in the world at Green Lane Hospital. He was and still is my hero. Thank God for people like Sir Brian Barrett Boyes. 

Message from Donald Parkes - Past Patient

Message from Gordon Munce - Patiant
I am one of many whom owe a great deal to Brian he perfromed open heart surgry on me in 1968 i was around 7 years old, he told my mother i had a 50/50 chance and it would be like going in the back door as my heart was around the wrong way dexrocardia and T.G.A repairing a whole between the two pumping chambers .After that my life changed so munch i was like all the other kids at school running around that surgery keeped me going till i had a Heart Transplant in 2009 Thank you Brian and your team also the Transplant team at Greenlane and Auckland hospital

Message from Johanna Rhodes - Patient
In 1971 (aged 16 months) Sir Brian repaired my congenital heart condition Tetralogy of Fallot in Greenlane Hospital, Auckland, NZ. My understanding is that I was one of the first 100 babies to receive this operation. My life has been amazing I work full time as a Nursing Lecturer, run half marathons, complete triathlons, Zumba daily, and regularly play squash. In addition, I have two amazing children (22 and 24 years). Sir Brian gave me the chance to have an awesome life - Thank you seems like such a small tribute.

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Brief Tributes to
Sir Brian

Tribute placed by
Lucy Happe
on 12/09/2011:

You are such an inspiration to all aspiring surgeons such as myself. Rest in Peace.

Tribute placed by
thomas peter phillips
on 31/08/2011:

thenking of you

Tribute placed by
Zaylin Thomas
on 23/06/2007:

I'm doing a project on you and you are a great man who changed so many lives for the better. RIP

Tribute placed by
Lee Drummond
on 22/07/2006:

Thank you from ALL the parents of heart children. A great loss to all. RIP

Tribute placed by
Jacqui Anderson-Jane
on 23/03/2006:

A privilege to have worked with you Sir Brian.God Bless you

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