A tribute to Mark Porter (1975 - 2006)
  Mark Porter
  1975 - 2006
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Always in our hearts

This memorial site has been created to honour the memory of V8 Supercar driver, Mark Porter, who died on Sunday October 8, 2006 following an accident at Bathurst.

The accident happened on Friday while Mark was preparing for the Bathurst 1000.

Mark will be remembered as a warm hearted and all round good guy to those that new him and his death was a great shock to his family and the motor racing fraternity.

Mark leaves wife, Adrienne and one year-old son Flynn and parents Robin and Robyn and brothers Andrew and Simon.

This memorial has been established so that family members and friends may record their respects and support for a man who is sadly missed.

Funeral Service Details
We thank all those who have conveyed to us their prayers, thoughts and best wishes over the past few traumatic days.

Mark’s funeral service details are:

2 pm, Friday, 13 October
St Peter’s Church
Victoria St
New Zealand

The Porter Family


The family of Mark Porter conveys its appreciation to all those who have sent flowers and expressions of condolence and sympathy following Mark’s death. Your messages of shared loss and grief have been a comfort to us.

Those gifts – of flowers and words – were from friends who were close to him, from the motor racing fraternity and from people who did not know Mark personally. We thank them all, but we particularly thank the race teams. Highly competitive on track you may be, but your support at this time is evidence of the very close bond between all those in the motor sport community.

We are comforted to know that the qualities that we loved so much in Mark were recognised by so many.

He has gone from our lives, but not from our hearts.

The Family of Mark Porter

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Message from mark papendell - driver
Time goes so fast, 4 years on ,we will have a few drinks  for Mark  this weekend all the best to his Family & Friends, regards the crew G M S

Message from Joelene Paea - Friend

Remembering Mark's birthday today - 36yrs .xxxxx.   


Message from joe bayadi bayadi - friend
Met you once loved you for ever RIP keep driving up there for ever, ALWAYS IN OUR THOUGHTS     REGARDS    JOE.

Message from Mark papengell - DRIVER

yes unfortuley It is 3 years but we will forget Mark ! i hope everybody has learnt a very important lesson ,but who can u trust! sorry i dont ! Its important 2 me that people are so trusting ! with there car and the thing is it was an O ring that failed some dont now but hopfully thay will read > our hearts are out with the family and the crew Regards Gravity MS

Message from Ally Gisler - Aunty

Happy Birthday Mark, we think of you offen, 3 years coming up

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Brief Tributes to

Tribute placed by
Darren Johnson
on 05/01/2008:

We were there, we watched it happen we watched someone leave this earth doing what they loved best

Tribute placed by
gerard & sandy keogh
on 31/10/2007:

we miss u so ,may you rest in peace dear friend, gerry sandy & kids

Tribute placed by
Mon & Dale Spedding
on 16/10/2006:

You will be so deeply missed and always loved. We are honoured to have called you our friend.

Tribute placed by
Niall & Alary Dow (Mullins tyres)
on 12/10/2006:

Sincere condolences to entire Porter family for their sad loss - yr strength will carry you through!

Tribute placed by
Bekii Young ..
on 11/10/2006:

4eva missd,yet neva forgotten. Always in our hearts Deepest sympathy goes 2 Mark's family RIP

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