A tribute to Michael King (1945 - 2004)
  Michael King
  1945 - 2004
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A man of words

This memorial site was created in memory of, Michael King, who was born on December 15, 1945 and died in a blazing car accident on March 30, 2004, along with his second wife Maria Jungowska.

Though not a close associate of Michael, I have enjoyed the hospitality of his house.

His personal library told its own story of a man thirsty for knowledge; and his own titles reflect a man of courageous thought, sharp intellect and inexhaustible capacity for hard work.

The wealth he left will enrich his readers' minds forever.

The following Biography appeared in the New Zealand Herald:


Born: December 15, 1945, in Wellington

Educated: Sacred Heart College, Akld, St Patrick's College, Silverstream. BA Victoria University 1967, MA Waikato 1968, PhD Waikato 1978, DLit Vic 1997

Occupation: Historian, author, book reviewer, social commentator.

Awards: Feltex Television Writers' Award, Winston Churchill Fellowship 1980, Fulbright Visiting Writers' Fellowship 1988, OBE 1988, NZ Literary Fund 1987 and 1989, Wattie Book of the Year 1984, 1990, NZ Book Award (non-fiction) 1978, Burns Fellow Otago University 1998-99, Prime Minister's Literary Award 2003.

Marital status: Divorced in 1977, married Maria Jungowska in 1988

Children: Jonathan 1967, Rachael 1970

Health: Diabetes, post-polio syndrome, throat cancer in remission. His wife, Maria, had multiple sclerosis.


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Message from Dale Skelton -

In memory of Michael

I feel very privileged to have been able to take part in one of your literary tours.  Thanks so much for the memories and for sharing your knowledge.  You will be missed.

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haere haere haere haere ki nga ringaringa o Te Atua

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A sad loss to the literary community

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